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  • russellcaseart russellcaseart Sep 26, 2005 3:44 PM Flag

    Best silver play?

    Whats the best long term silver play?

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    • tkinne1031 Oct 27, 2005 11:12 PM Flag

      i have not forgotten .... this time of year is "mother" at her greatest getting ready for death and the rebirth

    • <i>"You don't sound like any Canadian I've ever heard, eh?"</i>


      No, I don't. I'm one of the few sane ones left. Shook off the shackles of leftist ideology many years ago, and realized that keeping what I earn was more important than spending YOUR money on programs designed by people with no idea of money or people management.

    • "I must say I approve of the changes ..."

      me too! ties are like kissing your sister IMHO!

    • Habs would have beat Ottawa last week if they disallowed that goal and called goaltender interference! Habs will be there, You have my word! Kovalev the best stickhandler in the league by far. Undressed most of the Boston team tonight!!! LMAO!

    • Looks like Ottawa is the strongest team this year ...

      I also like the Canucks, explosive scoring power ...

      And never forget Detroit ...

      Even Atlanta is a threat ...

      The Laffs ... ??? I have a certain affinity for Toronto as I was born there (raised in Montreal, though) and I like Lindros who is finally playing the best hockey of his career, but I think they are shy of Lord Stanley ...

      The Habs are an "upper middle" team, they will do OK, but not a threat for the Cup ...

      I must say I approve of the changes ...


    • So on a more serious note, who do you like for the cup?
      I was able to get the Canucks for 12-1 while the Leafs will only pay 10-1. I bought Vancouver for obvious reasons, but my "uneducated" money is on Toronto. The leafs started out as 15-1 but early money pushed it down to 10-1, before I could get my money down.

    • "Wayyy back when, 1967... Canada had no debt or deficit. Then, successive years of overspend liberal governments slowly eroded the value of our economy."

      You don't sound like any Canadian I've ever heard, eh?

    • Thinking back to the times (I can remember my Dad arguing with a store clerk over not getting a decent exchange rate), I too recall the $1.15, the slide down, and now the interesting growth upwards.

      I think the biggest issue for the CAD is fiscal balance in the government. It creates stability, reduction of debt makes people less worried about taxes, insolvency of the gov't, etc.

      Wayyy back when, 1967... Canada had no debt or deficit. Then, successive years of overspend liberal governments slowly eroded the value of our economy.

      The only way to support this was through an onerous tax system, which came mainly into play in the mid to late 70's and 80's.

      Only now, under threat of a change of government (Since the Reform party came about), have liberals become more "Business friendly" and decided to keep their finances in order.

      Of course, they do it in a way that is terrible for all, by keeping taxes high, under-estimating revenue and over-estimating costs. This way, they can reduce spending and keep more of the citezen's tax dollars in "slush funds" and "rainy day accounts" as well as raiding of the Pension plans of the Military and the RCMP.

      Now the morons have thrown caution to the wind and put the entire Trust sector into dissarray, with billions of real dollar value lost as they "review" the Trust situation. I had hoped they would just reduce capital gains taxes, but I doubt that will happen.

      Liberals are tax-theives, and addicted to their trade, keeping both their hands in your pockets, taking out $5 from one, and putting $1 in the other.

      Had they been more aggressive in their debt reduction, we'd have significantly higher revenues, just based on lower debt financing charges.

      Instead, they piss it away on election promises, and socialist governance during a minority government.

      Here's hoping the coming recession is short, and of little impact, so the books can STAY balanced, well into the future.

      I dream of a day when they don't take nearly 30% of my income to piss away on vote buying schemes every 5 years.

      Ahhh dare to dream.

      In the meantime, move out of US stocks, and into Canadian ones. Try to keep what you already have!

    • tkinne1031 Oct 7, 2005 9:03 AM Flag
      5years ago they where doing a great job of keeping the same quaint feel and at the time the mill in Sydney was questionable.. The web site is great for info you can also check out the daily capebretoner news paper small but fun and the Halifax herald or times can't remember.

    • Has anyone been to the cape recently? It has been many, many years since I have visited the area...How does it look? Building boom?
      Anyone been to the Bay St. Lawrence area lately? I live in the US, Vermont actually, but I own some property in St. Margaret's Village, abutting the Bay Saint Lawrence communtiy center. Been at least 25 years since I have visited the area..any info would be peachy,
      TIA, ol'tuck

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