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  • ina_pigseye ina_pigseye Oct 10, 2005 2:24 PM Flag

    I don't get it

    PAAS SSRI and most of the other silvers are flat or red.

    I did hang onto 2/3rds of my SLW position after my trade this morning, but now I'm wondering if I should sell some of that.

    I better be patient with this one..

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    • You're supposed to sell on the news, which we do not know yet!

      Maybe the news is that Silver Wheaton has locked up a deal on Bear Creek Mining. We do know that Silver Wheaton took two opportunities to buy stock in BCM. BCM stock also is up by a substantial amount today, after rising Friday.(bcm on the toronto).

      Regards to all silver buffs, Mike

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      • Roger Wiegand, analyst and editor of the newsletter Trader Tracks, specializes in futures and commodities. Wiegand believes that--"with silver's buying power for now, and the gentle rally pattern, we expect a smooth rise to our goal of $9.75-$10.50" per ounce. He also noted that silver "has an open interest of over 97,000 December contracts." Wiegand has been regularly tracking Silver Standard, Coeur d'Alene and Silver Wheaton in his Top Ten Stocks.

    • Toronto is closed today. Tomorrow the shorts should push SLW down. How far? I don't know but this is a similar pattern to the last time Toronto was closed and the Amex was open. Silver is poised to take out 2 year resistance just above Silver's close today.

      I'd say hold onto the 2/3rds and repurchase the other third tomorrow at a likely lower price.

    • be patient for sure... I don't know why anyone would sell here... we may correct consolidate in the short term, but this is just the beginning of a much larger move.

      It's not worth trying to time the short term to me anymore... just buy the dips!

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