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  • GLA542 GLA542 Oct 17, 2005 9:25 PM Flag

    Question for the Board - SLW Warrants

    SLW warrants have had a nice run lately, closing at C$.54 today on the TSX in Toronto. My question is at what point are they in the money? The SLW website states "SLW.WT terms - 5 warrants for 1 common share, Exercise price C$4.00, Expiry Aug 5 2009" My math says SLW would have to be C$6.70 for the warrants to be in the money....correct? 5 times the .54, plus the $4.00. Why is there such a premium paid??
    I held the old WHT warrants for a year or so, I always thought they traded in lock step with the share price, allthough I may be wrong.

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    • Ahhhh, you are looking at the "company" but you should be looking at the "stock" ...

      Remember, you do not make your money on how well the "company" does, you make your money on how well the "stock" does ...

      Separate the two, mad-dom ...

      CDE "stock" will have a higher percentage gain over the next 6 months to 1 year than PAAS "stock" ...

      And THAT is all that matters ...

      Good trading ...


    • I choose the one that has zero debt compared to 180 million in debt. I chose the one that's less diluted. I choose the one that's producing 12.5 million ounces of silver this year and planning to increase it to 50 million compared to the one that's producing 14 million and planning to increase it by 86%.

    • "There's a reason why WHT preferred GG over CDE."

      Yes, WHT and GG are both GOLD companies, CDE is a SILVER company ...

      But this isn't about WHT or GG, mad-dom, this is about whether CDE or PAAS would be a more profitable "second" STOCK pick after SLW ...

      Put everything else aside, imagine that you have all the SLW you want and you are looking around for a "second" silver stock to add to your portfolio ...

      And also imagine that the only two choices you have are CDE and PAAS ...

      Your personal objective is to get the highest "percentage gain" on the movement of the STOCK over the next 6 months to one year ...

      Which STOCK do you choose ... ???


    • See now it say Saipan not Spain. Sorry

    • That sounds a lot like both Dines and Saville.

      Actually I am in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territority out near Japan in the Asia Pacific area.

      One of the islands is Rota, which of course is the name of a city in Spain. In fact, letters to Saipan and Rota often arrive months late as they are first routed to places in Spain.

      More OT - The Hui moved strongly back above the 220 support and MGN move strongly back above the $6.60 support so the technical damage does not appear to be significant. On topic - This, of course, is important for SLW which also saw a modest but nice move back up.

    • Thanks for all the info. Proffits will come and go in this market. Here is a quote from a newsletter I read. To protect copyright ( and myself) I will not identify writer
      I believe both gold and energy (oil) are in primary bull markets. All bull markets are periodically interrupted by secondary reactions. If it were not for these corrections, it would be easy for anyone to stay with a bull market from its inception to its completion.

      It isn't easy. The reason it isn't easy is because these secondary reactions or corrections tend to knock the majority of investors out of their positions. I've always maintained that the single hardest thing to do in this business is to invest early with the primary bull trend and stay with that position until the bull market reaches to or near its top.

      Leaves me holding on tight. I have a little money left to enter the market ( prob more oil related stuff)when the time seems right. Other than that I am in. Thanks again for the answers.

      BTW OT Where in Spain are you??

    • MGN - yes.

      Do a Google search for Steven Saville homepage and you will get his website. In fact I just renewed my subscription this afternoon.

      I trust his advice and that of James Dines. By the way, they both believe silver offers a great deal more leverage over the next four or five years than gold. They silver stocks will out perform gold stocks by a long way.

      And, Dines is the only well known professional I know who has been shouting "buy uranium" stocks for the last two years. I have made a lot of money buying his recommendations early.

      At any rate SLW is one of the best pure silver plays with great financials and as such will increase in price as Dines says "once in a life time opportunities". Lots of money to be made here. I will continue to buy dips up to $10.

    • Thanks, I think you mean MGN though right?? Assuming that you do, i can see where he gets the 6.60 from, I think it may fall further than that though, might be looking at below 6 before alls said and finished, but buying some in the 6.60 region is clearly beter than 7.70 just a few days ago, do you receive some sort of proprietary subscription only letter from this fellow?

    • Steve was talking about a price for new buying on a pullback. He noted that MGA has had a good run, which is obvious as is the fact that a pullback could be expected.

      Since these comments were sent out on the 17th, it is probably ok to say that he mentioned $6.60 as major support level and that buying up to $7 on a pullback should be considered.

      I put in several lowball limit orders and some of those in the $6.70's were hit. And if fact for some reason I hit the GTC on one other which was triggered on the drop yesterday - and it also was bought on margin which I did not intend.

      $6.60 has been breached. Not good. Also 220 on the HUI has been clearly breached. Gold needs to hold around $454 or we will see the 440's sooner rather than later. On the other hand, this sets up a nice next leg up sooner rather than later.

    • What's "Steven Saville's buy advice on MGA in terms of looking for a low." ?

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