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  • stckmkt1 stckmkt1 Nov 17, 2005 8:09 AM Flag

    The Lord has blessed ME!

    In finding this stock...such a great Christmas
    gift! Also on GG...should have bought some glg.
    I think this move in metals will raise a few
    flags as to the condition of the country...
    There are going to be some serious issues next
    year...We have all heard and talked about them.
    I dont think there is a way out for this
    country...please comments on how to resolve
    the coming crisis....

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    • It seems the way for me is precious metals and precious metals stocks. Then buying some great property in Costa Rica. Won't help the country much, but the family will be in good shape. I love this stock!

      • 2 Replies to sloanergreg
      • Your right Mr. Sloanergreg and to everyone that
        has slw as a holding, I share this with you.
        Buy Palladium bars...I was buying at 220 and
        if you study the charts (5 year) this will
        easily double to protect the family too!
        But word of caution, as I live in california,
        I bought from a california dealer, well,
        pallidium is the only metal that the state
        of CA taxes...not silver or gold, just palladium.
        Good luck everyone!

    • Vote into office fiscaly responsible politicians, take the hit now and stop passing all this debt on to the next 2 or 3 generations. Start saving money, stop buying new crap all the time that we don't NEED. Drive a car for 7-10 years at least not 3-4. Let the Fed print all they want ( M-3) as long as we don't borrow it it wont matter. End the sea of liquidity.
      Of course all that will be bad for the world economy, the POG and Siver and our own enjoyment. But it is a way out.
      Or watch the Fed inflate our way out of it. USD will be like rubbles were in 1989. Everyone have a wheelbarrow for carrying your money to the bank?
      In closing I will say that to look for "a way out" is not the answer. We must be grown-ups and take our licks. We created this mess now we have to deal with it. The only "way out" without pain is to figure someway to transfer the pain to someone else. That IMHO is no answer.

    • Best hope. We all move to Canada.

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