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  • mri3tesla mri3tesla Nov 28, 2005 12:55 PM Flag

    Silver ETF and silver shortage

    SLW is a sleeper among the sleeping silver stocks.We are headed higher once the word gets out. Good Luck

    From Ted Butler.

    "But most important is the message it is sending to you, the silver investor. This is your wake-up call to complete your silver purchasing plans. The SUA has confirmed everything I have ever written about in silver. They didn�t intend to do that, but there was no other way. You can�t objectively analyze the silver market and not come to the conclusion that the market must explode due to an inevitable shortage.

    All this fuss over one proposed silver ETF should make you think. Several gold ETFs, no problem. One silver ETF, big problem. There was no open and organized opposition to the gold ETFs, and their ultimate creation and active trading has led to no shortage in gold. The open and organized opposition by the SUA to the silver ETF confirms which commodity has the most critical supply/demand situation. When someone goes out of their way to prevent others from buying what they want to buy in your place, you can be sure they are not doing so for your benefit.

    Whether the silver shortage becomes apparent due to the ETF, as the SUA seeks to prevent, or whether the shortage becomes apparent later, is not important. What is important is that the silver shortage will soon be upon us. And when the shortage is obvious to all, say good-bye to the current give-away prices."


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