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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Jan 9, 2006 7:33 AM Flag


    If I was new and I wanted to learn more on silver, l'd come to this board, read the posts and think, there's nothing to silver because these people talk about everything but silver. I'd think, silver isn't a serious investment because there isn't enough news or topics related to silver to keep the board participants in serious discussion on silver topics.

    I want to assure all the new investors to silver and slw, that what you have seen on this board of late with the discussions on non silver issues - is not the norm.

    There are some very knowledgable SLW and silver investors on this board.

    All of the long time slw and silver holders on this board should remember that many people are unaware of gold and silver as an investment. There will be new people coming to this board all the time and we need to educate them so that they can educate others, to the point where silver will rise to its proper valuation.

    * The silver to gold ratio has historical, over centuries been 1:15, so divide the price of gold by 15 to find out what the silver price should be. This means silver should be about $36 instead of $9

    *SLW is unhedged and they have locked in their production costs $3.90 for every oz, this means everything over their production costs is gravy to slw.

    *SLW is the best pure silver play out there

    *SLW is in bed with GG and GG just completed an acquisition of Placer, this means, SLW will be getting more silver and the announcement should come in the next month or two.

    *SLW is a 3 person company, they just buy and sell, no overhead.

    *In true silver and gold bull markets the normal indicators of showing overbought just don't hold true as you can go into overbought territoritory and remain there for a very long time

    *Silver is more volatile than gold in price action but it is THE MOST UNDERVALUED COMMODITY IN THE WORLD


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