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  • donutchow donutchow Feb 17, 2006 8:56 AM Flag

    I suck at the stock market

    I bought SLW tuesday and sold yesterday thinking that it would pull back. And gold and silver are up so this thing is going to jump again. I guess I'll just buy it back at the open again.

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    • I am like you in I hate to trash people just for being ignorant or wrong headed. But this guy has gone off the deep end. When someone says they know more about Silver than Ted Butler they lose me unless they can back it up with a multi year track record of being correct and ahead of the curve like Butler has. Not to mention a refusal to post FACTS about anything. Oh well, we tried.

    • Why thank you. I've known that for over 30yrs whats your excuse

    • Look, this is it. When the price of gold hit its highs silver this year silver should have traded at 12 dollars. It hasnt. Stop comparing the two. I have read more than you on this subject and this t.b guy knows nothing.
      When gold hit 800 the price of silver hit 50.

    • slw, I held the door wide open for you to post some type of intelligent fact based reply. Instead you just added more babble. I am guessing you have become nothing more than a bitter person who hyped SLW to the moon but sold before it hit $7. You do not insult me slw you embarrass yourself.
      All you would have to do is google up some basic facts and you could see how wrong you are but instead you get defensive and childish. So long Mr. SAYLAVEE. You are not worth engaging any longer.

    • Here you go slwmoon.

      Although I am sure you are much smarter than Ted Butler when it comes to Silver.
      From T.B. Jan newsletter
      "With 2005 now history, we can speak with precision about what occurred over the past year. The most obvious is to record and note actual price performance. For the year, silver appreciated 30% in price. This gain was 50% greater than the almost 20% increase in the price of gold. To the casual observer this might have been somewhat surprising, given the amount of publicity given to gold. But silver investors have learned to take it in stride, content with profits and value and not headlines, as silver has outperformed gold in each of the past three years

      In fact, silver has cumulatively outperformed the other popular precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium) over the past three years by a wide margin, with the three-year return on silver close to almost double the equivalent gain in gold, 50% greater than platinum and almost 7 times the gain in palladium. Considering the value and fundamentals of silver, I would think that the out performance of silver compared to other precious metals (and all other natural resources) should become a regular feature in the years to come. By the time you do see silver in the headlines, the out performance should be astounding.


    • All you do here is vegetate and do very little of anything else. Try reading KITCO, etc and stop making up what you think is right or get from the dorks on this board.
      If you what i say is insulting, fine.
      You dont have to answer me.
      I dont post much here and i'm getting quite disgusted at the lack of intellegence
      J.C has more patience and probably nothing better to do.
      I have plenty better to do.

    • Awwww slwmoon you forgot I was one of the few on here that treated you with respect. But when you reply with such nonsense , not to mention factually incorrect nonsense I am forced to question my own judgment about you. Please do at least a basic chart comparing the two metals and then come back. We will all await your humbled mea culpa when you see how silly you have been. That last sentence is really confusing to me as well. Can you explain why silver being cheaper would make it rise at a greater percentile? Why would it not rise at a slower rate? By that logic Gold should outpace Plat and oil should outpace Gold. I am not sure what logic or math you applied to reach that conclusion. I am always eager to learn if you would care to explain it beyond "I am write and you should bye a book" type of explanation.

    • Silver has NOT OUTPACED GOLD thats another reason % it goes up more. Its playing catch up.
      You children should do more research and stop screwin around.

    • You're one screwed up dude.

    • Understanding the companies you invest in is over rated. Just like vision in driving. :-)

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