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  • gr8_and_powerful_oz gr8_and_powerful_oz Feb 22, 2006 4:19 PM Flag

    Strong finish

    Not likely...pump and dump

    Interest rates rising
    No geopolitical news today
    gold barely moved

    Big boys just preparing for a little profit taking tomorrow or friday,but hey go ahead and buy in.

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    • GR8, you don't know shit interest rising means gold and shares are going up.

      Most of you Wall Street liars need to take an economics class.

      Shees, what shit you guys put out to the public. It wouldn't bother me if most of you were eliminated by the ragheads. In the midwest, we'd just as soon see you assholes get yours. Most of ya are queers anyway.

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      • mccain-french fries

        "When interest rates rise, the return on fixed income securities, such as bonds, increases. Higher investment returns attract foreign capital and foreign demand for US investments creates demand for dollars. The increase in foreign demand for dollars (to buy US securities) raises the US dollar-exchange rate. And, of course, a stronger dollar means a lower gold price."

        I know the U.S produces a generally stupid population but PLEASE for your own sake stop fucking your sister and go to school!!

    • gr8, get a life. You're only making a perfect case for abolishing free speech. Wait, let me were looking through recent gainers, and just discovered SLW. You looked at the chart and determined this stock is going down because it's just like all those crappy "pennies" you've been chasing.

      You are obviously a newbie to this stock and have no idea how it performs...I have owned SLW from the start, and have never seen any evidence of pumping and dumping.

      I don't think anyone day playing this stock has ever thought about pumping and dumping. SLW's cash, revenue, and future outlook is enough pump for me...Who needs idiots like you?

      If anyone is dumping this stock, it is only a strategy to buy back in the the boards. SLW is a clear cut case....This stock is going up. No doubt about.

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