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  • stock2020com stock2020com Mar 3, 2006 9:59 AM Flag

    Took my profit and run. SLW overvalued

    The ride was great, but no rally can last forever. Bulls make money; pigs go to the slaughter house.
    SLW's market cap is almost 2 billion USD, for less than 100M of sales?
    This is a silver trader, no dofferent than Enron, an energy trader , and not a silver producer, folks.

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    • I see Astro is continuing to annoy people so I have to say one more thing - I've been following this board for the last few months without actually posting on it since I didn't have anything of value to say. But ever since Astro came along (his first post was just a week ago), this board has been going downhill, so I had to say something. I'll admit that he has provided some useful information to some of the new folks, but he is obviously very ill-mannered, and I hope all will take the advice to limit your dealings with him.

    • >>>Well, I guess he must dig a little deeper when he makes his investment decisions than when he decides who he thinks is long or short!<<<

      For his sake we can hope!!!


    • C'mon... you're smarter than that!

    • You must not be a big time trader. Those who make a living trading mostly use software to deal with these wash issues. I use Tradelog, but there are others. What they do is take the data provided by your trading platform, match buys and sells to get profit/loss, and calculate basis adjustments at year end based upon positions which were sold before year end but reopened within 30 days thereafter.

      Those who say basis adjustments are right. Of course, it doesn't really make too much difference unless the transactions cover more than one year.

    • Hey Watadumdum,

      I had to chuckle with your post. Appears I Iggied Astro before he got me.

      Yes, I got in around $3.50, and am long until I can part with a half mil from SLW. I'm a hoping this Summer!?!?!


    • Doesnt look like this stock is going to finish in the green today.
      Any thoughts?

    • The IRS computer couldnt possibly pull files like you think.
      Try to include 100 bucks for the vet as a deduction and the computer will pull it but that because you havent done it every year for the past 10. If you started 10 years ago and got away with it the first year most likely you would be getting away with it forever.
      Now lets say the IRS pulls your file for something else like you paid too much and catches this vet thing.
      You're screwed.

    • Just yesterday you were asking how the ETF would affect SLW and today you're an expert trashing everyone who you think doesn't agree with you, even when you misunderstand what they've written!

      Relapse never said he was a short - if you go back to post 5901, he was talking about how most people on this board got along, even the shorts.

      You, on the other hand, only seem to want to antagonize everyone until eventually everyone will have you on ignore and then we can go back to a more peaceful board again.

    • So do i. An accountant is worth the money in the long run.

    • Its not. My accountant told me that.

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