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  • stsoutine stsoutine Mar 18, 2006 6:57 PM Flag


    can we please avoid becoming like the CSCO board(i challange anyone to find a post on the CSCO board that has anything remotely to do with CISCO!!)?? go to yahoo news boards to tell us all how great or shitty america is......
    i come here to read about three things: finance, SLW, and silver/gold.

    agree? rec. this post.

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    • existentialistinvestor existentialistinvestor Mar 20, 2006 10:07 AM Flag

      SLW starting out the day strong here in Europe at 7.99 EUROS for the buy price. That converts to $9.75 US and rising.
      I remember when it started up here two years ago at 1. E ($1.20) and I've been buying off and on ever since 2 E.
      OT: There's also a really attractive index fund that a person can buy through Deutsche Bank (you can purchase it in the US too) that follows the HUI. You buy in with a min. of 1000 E and the price follows the index. I stared buying in at HUI=130 E and now it's at 246. Still a good buy- I'm adding on the dips.

    • Mr Beane-
      Point well taken. Yes, the gravity of a crash and/or recession in the general markets would bring PM's down-
      but I think it would only be temporary- a matter of days or a few weeks. Then the mutual fund managers, hedge funds, pension funds and finally the "lumpeninvestoriat" would realize once again that PM's are the best safehaven. They would begin to reinvest en masse and it would create an incredible upsurge in gold, silver and SLW.
      When? I don't know when the US stock market is going to take a big hit- maybe late 06 or summer of 07 at the latest.
      Reasons? Either the weakening dollar causing the Asians to quickly begin pulling out of their investment in US bonds, or the US housing market moves into a selling panic, or war in IRAN, or... Any other opinions re/ the straw that would break the camel's back?

      Oh, by the way- thanks for the interesting article about the postponed petro-euro oil bourse in IRAN.
      I'll do a short review here for anyone who's interested:
      -postponed til 07-08
      -will not be in Tehran, rather on an island in the Strait of Hormuz (Kish or Qishm Island- seems to me to be an awfully risky place for such a controversial site... right in the bottleneck of the Persian Gulf...)
      -will start with other petroleum products and then would work its way up to oil (08-09)
      -COOK a UK citizen living in IRAN who is one of the original drafters of the plan says,
      No way could this happen overnight- there are simply not enough EUROS in print to support something like this. The ECB would be forced to print Euros like crazy. We'll build it up gradually.

      Thanks again.
      It's good to see constructive, cooperative dialogue again on this board again folks- let's keep up the good work this week and maybe we can discourage the sanctimoniuos historical OT ranters.
      (Hope you don't mind the handle Mr Beane- it's easier to remember!)

    • but what happens if USA slips into a recession
      in the second half of this year as ome are
      predicting. If USA catches a cold the world
      catches the flu. The USA is still the worlds
      consumer (which is the root of the problem in
      manny ways) If the USA stops buying the ripple
      efffect could get nastty. I could see a big fall
      in all commodities.

    • Sorry- make that "petro-Euro in Iran"

      OT: I've heard that the new oil bourse was supposed to start up in Tehran this week in fact. But, I've also read a rumor that it has been postponed for 2-3 months. Anybody hear something similar?
      I'm convinced that the bourse carries potential for a devastating fall in the dollar. Just think of it: China, Russia, India, Korea, Indonesia, etc would be falling over themselves to get in line to buy oil with a currency that is not losing value as opposed to the dollar which is tanking. The subsequent political and/or economic and/or military revenge from UK and US would add more fuel to the fire. Dollar down means gold and silver up. This would be very good for SLW.

    • OK, I've put ACID and Moses on ignore too-
      things are looking a bit better now on the SLW
      Anybody else interested in historical analysis which doesn't effect SLW- please take a hike.
      Let's get back to business on Monday.

      I've been able to convince friends as well as my father in the last 6 months to invest in SLW.
      I teach a class in Business English at the local Tech College (in Germany) and I even convinced my class of 30 students to take part in an experiment of "learning by doing".
      The experiment involved a pool from the class to invest in SLW. (I called it "the best of the best of the best" and gave reasons for my argument, so they trusted me and they agreed to just go with SLW as oppesed to, say gold or zinc or uranium) The students came up with 500 Euros, which is a lot for young people between 19 and 25 years old, so we bought SLW at the temporary low mid Feb for 5.55 Euro- Now it's at just under 8 Euro, so they are quite happy to be off to such a good start.
      My dad bought 5,000 shares recently and I'm also looking to add shares on the next silver correction.

      I am very serious about SLW and put my money where my mouth is. I've also made the transition from trading to pure investment- I only accumulate on the short corrections; I've given up trying to pick a point to "sell high". I'll start selling high in the year 2010. At least that's my plan.

      To answer your q- what price SLW DEC 06?
      Well, I think the ETF, pending tariffs against imports and the devastating reaction from China and India (who will be glad to take their commerce elsewhere and not have to deal with a falling dollar) as well as the geo-political events in Iraq/Iran, the petro-euro in IRAQ, as well as inflation (pending M3 deception) and, finally, the weakening of the dollar should all bring together a perfect storm for silver in '06.
      After a short-lived silver and gold correction sometime this spring:
      Silver in Dec 06= $20.
      SLW in Dec 06= $25.

      Good luck and best wishes to all longs-
      existentialist investor

    • hah... I PUSHED THE BUTTON!

    • <EOM>

    • Sieg HEIL!

    • A hateful guy like you went to MIT??? Is that Montana Institute of Twitery? No offense... but for someone of such closed views, it is a real shock that you could have EVER been in Boston. How in the world could you allow your "patriotism" to be offended by such LIBERAL values?

    • funny, i clicked ignore, too. feel much better now...

      things seem to finally be settling down.

      this week looks like it could shape up nicely for slw. good article on bloomberg about possible rally this week !!

      happy trading , all.

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