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  • acd_1965 acd_1965 Mar 20, 2006 11:26 PM Flag

    Fed Chief Sees Need to Include Global F

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    • existentialistinvestor existentialistinvestor Mar 21, 2006 12:37 PM Flag

      Please enlighten me. So why the heck are
      we all here if not to compare notes regarding
      the FUTURE of silver and SLW?
      The past gives us insight into what the future will bring in the markets. It's called the business cycle. It's called Elliot Wave Theory. It's called the DOW Theory.
      Haven't you heard that "The trend is your friend" ????
      Good grief. I refuse to fall into line with your mindless airhead cheerleader mentality.
      The un-examined life (i.e. investment) is not worth living.

      We have some potential now to PROJECT where this ETF announcement spike is going. From projections and smart calculations (using TA and/or Wave Theory and/or geo-political factors) we can find the low point of the dips and buy.


    • <<ACID, even though I have you on ignore, please stick with the topic at hand.>>

      If you have me on ignore, than why do care???

    • existentialistinvestor existentialistinvestor Mar 21, 2006 11:51 AM Flag

      I agree with Couplover-
      ACID, even though I have you on ignore, please stick with the topic at hand. Stop the self-righteous name calling and primitive OT posts- you're getting people riled up about the wrong things.
      The rest of us want to focus on=
      SLW and silver.
      You've really defecated in our sandbox. Show us you can be an adult by cleaning up your mess and getting back to the project at hand. =
      SLW and silver

      I'd like some responses to my previously- posted projections for this spring and summer. Like I said, I've decided not to sell anything this time around even though there is apparently the beginning of a correction going on as we speak (squabble).

    • existentialistinvestor existentialistinvestor Mar 21, 2006 11:18 AM Flag

      Whoops sorry-
      I meant "tangibles as opposed to intangibles"

    • existentialistinvestor existentialistinvestor Mar 21, 2006 11:14 AM Flag

      "Can we focus on why SLW is a great investment and talk where, how, why, etc our investmetns mean to each other?"

      Well put Jackson! I'm sure that you and I are not the only ones who are trying to focus on and make strategies for what's happening to silver and SLW RIGHT NOW. I'd like to hear from the rest of you rational, focused types!
      The rest of you kindly get off your high horses and get back to the job at hand-

      SLW is going down today apparently because "Helicopter" Bernanke announced that everything is hunky-dorey in the stock markets and the media and lumpenenvestoriat, of course, believe him. We all know it's ridiculous, nevertheless we've also seen the DOW and NASDAQ make a bear-market rally starting March 03 (which just happens to coincide with the beginning of the IRAQ II campaign). I think that Marc Faber is right- the US Fed and present Admin. have the power to, despite the horrendous household/trade/gov/corporate/individual deficits, to attempt to "monetize" their problems away through intentional inflation. Pay back today's debts with tomorrow's cheap money.
      (I'll repeat my recommendation to read Marc Faber's Tomorrow's Gold. Also the interview with him from last Saturday on was informative and impressive)

      So, I for one have decided NOT to sell anything. Last time there was a move downward in Jan- I screwed up the timing on my attempt to trade out and then back in. I'm just not a trader- I'm an investor, so I'll stay with that style. I'll view it as an opportunity to accumulate more when SLW hits $8.50 and then $8.00 and then $7.50. (I've kept some dry powder just for this occasion) I hope it doesn't go that low, but %25 loss or more is quite possible- at least until the ETF announcement is made.
      It could also be the seasonal thing. Feb to May or even August is traditionally phlegmatic for PM's.

      Here's my projection:
      -SLW down to, say, $8.00 (for a 19% dip) while most other PM stox shed 25% to 40% This could go on right through the summer. We've seen this before.
      -BUt, this correction down could also be interrupted, at the drop of a hat, by one of the following: ETF hoopla, IRAN is attacked, or the August 06 upswing in PM's starts, whichever comes first. And then we'd continue our bullish moves upwards with the best (tangibles as opposed to tangibles) of the best (silver as opposed to other commodities) of the best (silver stox)!
      Comments? (And let's please stick with SLW as a topic today, OK?- I'm not into sanctimonious monologues)

    • Can we focus on why SLW is a great investment and talk where, how, why, etc our investmetns mean to each other? If you want politics, go the HAL board - its a 24 hr red vs blue debate

    • Agreed. It's truly shocking what's happened in the US. Big strong America has been converted to a bunch of scaredy cats by a couple buildings falling down. Did you see how UK reacted after their event? Pretty calmly.

      Incidentally, here's a nice example of the US SS in action. 15 person familial massacre by US Marines.

    • <<tragic... can't admit you have hollow tin ones... 100K lol... 500K house... degrees, including MIT? a bummer in the garage... a twit like you? get out of your fantasy.... >>

      You know it really doesn't make a difference to me. I'm the one who woke up in my 500K house that is paid in full this morning. You woke up in your trailer.

      I have 100K shares and you have your 100 shares. I have the degress from the colleges that I went to, and did all the hard work to get them too. While you sat in your trailer drinking a beer and having a smoke complaining that the rich are taking all your money, without ever stopping once and ask yourself when did you ever have it???

    • WELL SAID!

      Anyone out there know what 'SS' stood for? Fatherland Security

    • hope you grow up some day... bye... hello 'Ignore'

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