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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Mar 23, 2006 8:13 AM Flag

    Is there any indication


    that the folks at Barclays have even thought about accumulating that 130 million ounces of silver bullion? I'd think we may not begin to experience price appreciation until they commence.

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    • Look at the whole pitcure will ya!
      That's a joke right?
      I beginning to feel that maybe you should follow Cramer's recommendation.
      ETF is the only factor to consider on the play?
      Please ... Pisst, hey buddy go short some more ... I want some more cheap shares.

      • 1 Reply to vilmuchka
      • The ETF will help the pps indirectly by taking a considerable portion of the above ground silver off the market, but what it is really about is SLW's business model. They buy their silver at a rediculously cheap price and sell it for the current PoS. Pretty simple stuff, and even if silve were to correct all the way down to 7 or 8 they are still making a boat load. It is all about revenue and earnings. SLW's will be great because of their business model. I don't get Jim Cramer in Australia and am thankfull. Someone said that he didn't like it because of excavation costs????? Thye don't even have excavation costs as they buy their silvera as a byproduct of other companies mines. What a self serving idiot Cramer is. I hate that guy and all his lemmings.

    • What? That makes no sense.

      If one of your neighbors declares that he wants to buy all the properties in a square mile section of your town for his own development, are you going to sell your property for the same price it was appraised at prior to his declaration? No way! Similarly, silver has already been appreciating in price in anticipation of the ETF.

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