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  • brephos brephos Apr 28, 2006 10:17 AM Flag

    for crying out loud

    silver is back to the teens ... SLW on their best earnings ever ... is down a dollar a share or nearly 10 percent ... SLW is selling at to big a discount in relation to silver ... and or the etf SLV

    The best buy right now ... that is the buy with potential for biggest gain ... short term is SLW ... it has the potential to do a little catch up as well as move up or down in relation to silver price.

    Physical silver is always fully valued ... period as the market determines ... and serves as the standard for SLW and SLV ...

    SLV relative to physical silver is actually a little over priced on first day excitement.

    SLW is underpriced in relation to physical silver ... but is performing well as it has been discounted since earnings.... in general I think SLW should be within fifty cents of physical silver ... up or down depending on market enthusiasm ... SLW would be fairly valued right now were it to trade 12.50 to 13.50...

    Last shot ... the correlation between SLW and physical should be very very close as SLW is a pure unhedged silver play ... with silver nearly two bucks below the price of silver ... there is a market disconnet ... granted a share of SLW is not equivalent to an ounce of silver ... but in general they have tracked each other in this manner...

    clearly, the price of silver moved up on the etf's first purchase ... and clearly today's action on the etf signals that physical silver is going to rise further in price by 3 or 4 more dollars near term ...

    BREPHOS :: ))

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    • Keep thinking....You might get it in a year or two.

    • Who cares dummy. I cant get anything from you cause you know less than anyone.

    • Guess what the abreviation is for:
      Thank god for ignore this user YSSOAB.

    • Are you too lazy to read?

    • No. I'm not in that arena.

    • Also like Hawk but am going to wait till abritrage is over and deal closes. Any thoughts on Hawk.

    • I own it and I like it. Earnings are expected to rise nicely.
      I believe earnings release is Mondy.

    • Thanks for the advice. Couplover is obviously very talented is very knowledable and talented in Finance with a lot of insight.
      IMHO he has to be a pro. Nice of him to share his insights.

    • Here is why I believe interest rates are heading down before the year is over and most likely at the Sept. meeting or maybe even the August.
      Here is an excerpt from the most recent Bill Gross piece.


      Finally, currency devaluation effected through a low Fed Funds policy vs. competitor nations and/or global policy coordination should apply the coup de grace for foreign holders of U.S. liabilities. Chinese, Japanese, OPEC, and other substantive holders of U.S. Treasuries will have two ways to lose in future years: they will watch U.S. inflation erode their principal and on top of that the real dollar value of their global purchasing power will decline as the dollar sinks. Actually, the same applies to U.S. citizens although the decline in global purchasing power can be masked by domestic asset appreciation in the short-term (houses, stocks).

      If the U.S. chooses to pursue many or most of the above policies, the investment implications are significant, although it must be recognized that I am not speaking to �overnight� developments but instead to changes that should occur in future years. Higher inflation, higher personal and corporate taxes, and a lower dollar point U.S. and global investors away from U.S. assets and toward more competitive economies less burdened by health and pension liabilities � those personified by higher savings rates and investment as a percentage of GDP.

    • Those new to this board should view his past posts--Coup does his DD.// Hey, Couplover, do you see the humor/irony in the following: Bushies tax cuts are working? Nah, the huge influx of monetized debt is working. Same thing happened under LBJ and the "Great Society". We paid for it down the road with 18% inflation. Dummies never remember they just keep drinking Kool-Aid while fighting over which flavor is best. {Actually Johnson was more honest than Bush: he worked with the Congress to enact a Sur-charge tax to help pay for the War.}

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