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  • vilmuchka vilmuchka May 1, 2006 4:37 PM Flag

    CNBC Talking heads

    Hey I agree ... prices are obviously increasing ... I was simply commenting on the CNBC analysis. Their premise was without wage increases the threat of inflation was minimal.
    And if anyone believes that there is no inflation and that the threat of significant inflation is minimal is kidding themselves.
    Thanks for your input.

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    • especially with the greenback going lower every day against other currencies. After all what do we produce? What do we offer the world? GM??

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      • "After all what do WE produce?" Who the hell are WE in that question??
        Exactly how does a tiger rescuer produce anything??
        You "suck the tit of some government agency" young pup, have not a single clue how to do a day's work much less how to produce anything. So don't lecture to those older and more experienced.
        "What do WE offer the world?" You? NOTHING! The Americans? WE save human lives all over this globe 24/7. WE are the GREAT HUMANITARIANS. Without US, the world would be in even worse shape.
        You're a jack-ass kid whose yet to read a meaningful book or experienced a meaningful life.
        CLICK! Challenge your limit?? Good grief!

      • Its really a civilization thats tearing itself apart. We have to contend with a China with its child labor that can charge 1/3 of what we charge along with a Iraq-Iran play that treats its people about as bad but controls the oil in the world and then we have the U.S.A. which has unions organized by gangters in the beginning but works quite well for the people who dont want to get crushed by the bosses who run the business that the people work for.
        You want perfect, move to Nebuli, a small planet on the outskirts of utopia past the plutonian galaxy.
        If you cant get there just stick with what you have since most of you dont live past 75 Earth years.

      • We import Mexicans and export food.

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