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  • focalpt1 focalpt1 May 1, 2006 9:36 PM Flag

    CNBC Talking heads

    So what the hell does that all mean? That there is still terrible problems in the world and that America can't possibly solve all the world's woes?? And we are to blame?
    And because those in the inner cities wish to live their particular life styles, America is to blame. I can't accept that. Individuals have choices. Some make it and some don't. It ain't a perfect world.
    All in all, America is where the immigrants who were boycotting today want to be. If there were no oceans, most of the 3rd world would be here tomorrow.
    Slamming this country with a bunch of blogs just doesn't work. Everyone has a belly-button.
    I really don't care who started the RED CROSS. It's who has continually carried the cross that counts.
    Facts, children being raised below the American poverty level because their parents have made some life choices? Who's to BLAME!! America or their parents?? Who would be brought up on charges of neglect?? America or their parents??
    This is an idiotic discussion between those who see a glass half full and those that don't.
    And exactly what are all those counries that donate to the world beyond what the US donates?? I'll be waiting for that list.

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