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  • franciswool franciswool May 15, 2006 7:06 PM Flag

    GG earnings tripled/cash flow awesome/

    cost to produce (net of silver and copper) an incredible -$88. beat analysts average estimate. dyodd

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    • Precisely, it is a syllogism that proves itself, which is really nothing more than stating a point in a manner that is not subject to being refuted.

    • informally, however, a tautology is a claim
      that is advanced as a proof despite being
      dependent on a priori assumptions - it is
      therefore sometimes politely used to describe
      bs. i had thought that you implied that the
      claim that "slw share price would rise if gg
      is taken over." i think you are right, and
      that it was a tautological claim. i tend to
      agree w/your position. hoping for the best.
      disclosure: long, in pain.

    • Sadly, I thought this was getting a little frothy, but then it got added to the NYSE, and I bought back in on the initial drop. While I am well aware of the whole ETF premium, I really thought/think that silver has demand support behind it. And this stock is relatively cheap. We'll be fine, in the long run, but it sure hurts now. How soon we forget: my Feb and March were miserable because of my NG plays, and now I am living it again on 2 fronts. Keep the faith. And make sure to get outside on occassion -- I'm saying that for my own benefit too. When it get's this bad, it's tough to think about anything but the next oppty to make your money back.

    • Whoops, I meant sell calls, buy puts.

      Benzo with my cocktail sounds good.

    • Perhaps a glass of wine and your favorite benziodiazipine

    • Yikes, my condolences. My losses are large, but not quite that large. I own all the same stuff. Boy, it felt great when the rest of the market was in the shitter, and we were climbing higher daily. I guess that was a sign. Hindsight's 20/20.

      If your commissions are cheap, you can get a little premium out of writing the May 10s, particularly if we go up, and then the June 10s too. I'm thinking about collaring my position for the rest of the week -- write May 10 call, sell May 7.50 put, get a smaller premium, but protected regardless of stock movement.

      Time for a drink or two. Hopefully we'll be gleeful tomorrow. I know it's gonna be one of those nights where I am up hourly turning on Bloomberg for the futures -- probably one of the worst things about trading energy and metals.

      Take care.

    • Join the crowd. My biotech stocks coal,silver,gold all went down. I look for slw,fdg to go back up this week . I am only down 40k today. Does a beer help? I think something stronger would be better. I am a vodka man.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it.

    • Yeah, that's tough. Hopefully that is from your peak -- I peaked on Friday. It's funny, WHENEVER it starts to seem easy is when you should start selling. I cannot believe I did not sell some of my gold and coal stocks. I guess I would have if I owned more of a single position. I was hedged on some of my positions, but not enough. This holding was completely unhedged, and now I own more than I should of a single stock. Despite what Cramer the bafoon preaches, I think the patient will be rewarded and we will have a nice bounce back in the next day or so.

      Hang in there. Feel free to float the options questions. I know the basics -- but not the funky stuff -- butterflies, etc.

    • You can get a good trial at

      Lessons learned...

      Be prepared to buy your contracts back if things go south.

      Do a buy write, don't let them (Fidelity) talk you into a two step buy stocks then write contracts.

      To get out, you need to do an "unwind", if you don't and you buy back your contracts you need to wait a day for all to settle before you can sell your stock (or just sit back and watch you stock tank and wish you could sell)..... the devil is in the details and I thought I was taking it slow and easy.... I think if the markets had stayed stable, it would have been a half way decent way to dip my toe, instead I lost a few. I still look at it as a real life learning example for next time.

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