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  • von1230 von1230 May 21, 2006 10:19 PM Flag

    von wants to know is bet on 1

    0k deal and about the small bet, I don't think your leader frelon43 would even pay 100.00 if he lost.But if he would in my eyes the bet would be much larger.You too!
    SLW no higher than 8.18 next week! Look if it breaks my upper resistance line then that is bullish for all metal stocks !
    So for the people that are long watch that price point 8.18 if it breaks that very bullish indeed.I have no problem going long on SLW I was long the metals for months.
    I ( check my posts) warned this entire board when the metal stocks turned.Even the tops of gold and silver.740.00 and 15.25. How the hell do you think I did that ! No one on this board did that!(check out my posts before durning and when it was happening)
    The problem with a few of you !You cant see I was trying to help you guys. Some of you gave me shit about shortig goog ande pd ctx mth gg paas slw and so many more.Where are those stocks way way down!Icovered and shorted all of them 30 times or more.
    Sorry that you guys held all the way down on slw ! Years ago Iwould do the same fullish shit.
    I have the money to bet you both 5,000 but I think it would be hard pressed to get even 100.00 out of frelon43.
    Watch the struggle slw has to get through that price 8.18 wether metals are even up a little.I will be golfing monday and I hope for the longs sake it go though 8.18.if it does go through that I may even go long the metals again.
    Yes I think the dow will hit 11.030 next week and because some of you want to see a rabbit pulled out of a hat immediately or even that day I may go a little over board with my calls and say monday but(check my posts) all my calls on the dow breaing down!with the calls on pms rolling over and the tops on gold and silver topping at 470.00 and silver 15.25 were correct and you know it.
    some of you posters say VON wasn't right that day'like friday when I made a call to reshort pd mth and ande.but I covered them and reshorted them 3 more times.Now I'm short them for monday!I would say there is a 95% chance if you shorted them on monday at 10:00 am by the end of weekyou will have done well.VERY WELL ! I think slw will have a hard yime on monday getting above gold and silver and I believe 740.00 gold and 15.25 silver we wont see for years.
    I went to bed at 11:00 last night sorry I couldn't respond to you about taking the bet also.if you want the bet just respond to my email along with frelon43 and we'll do it,I will pay but it would be stupid to bet more knowing I would pay more and you two would just say bet more and never pay.
    Last I'll be at qualifer for open on monday and Iwould like a response about the bet.before you do look at the prices i called to short 8 or 9 stocks weeks ago when you didn't believe a word I said ! goog ctx tol mth slw paas gg pd and ande.they are way down and it's easy for anyone to check

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    • typing yes spelling who cares,charts priceless and you guys know it.vons hot just like butter!

    • that was a typo. thats funny when i read it too

      I WOULDNT"

      That just says it all, coming from the man with no d.i.c. Goodbye and good luck, CLICK!

    • You are concerned that i said i wouldnt post again you should not be concerned about that and say you can trust von even though he's 30 for 30.who the hell cares if my picks are correct.
      i wouldnt

    • This post was a good post the first couple of times you posted it and you made an excellent reference to all his wrong calls. Now you are just beating a dead horse and keeping Vons name in the "news". Stay one of the good guys. Ignoring people makes them go away faster than anything else ever will. This board has shed a few already that will remain nameless.

    • I'm trading all day i only have time to be that specific and trade and im 9 traders

    • You know, there's this place you can make your forecasts, they track it for you, and you can finally put your money where your mouth is. - let people see your bets, Von.. heck why don't you challenge someone on it and see who's really right.

    • I know, not really - I thought we had him off the board last Wednesday when he claimed he wouldn't post here again, but since we're dealing with someone who has no d.i.c. (dignity, integrity and credibility), I guess the only way to handle him is to stop responding to him.

    • Okay. Good work, I suppose.

    • Von, yes your calls have sometimes turned out right and sometimes turned out wrong, but they are always to sell - sometimes when it is ridiculous to. Nothing in the chart says that SLW will not hit above 8.18 this week and it's ludicrous to say so. It seems that your constant calls are designed to try to influence the price. I hope I'm wrong about that but either way it's getting a little but much. You happened to be right until Fri. (minus your prediction that the dow would close below 226 Thurs) Fri. you were way off and this is because you continue to be short no matter where the charts or facts are pointing. If you want to make the bet then email me.

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      • Ok your saying the bet is on great.yes my charting system says gold goes to 644 and silver charting say slw 8.17 tops.i have been long alot of pm stocks and no i dont think i can influence the price of any stock.100,000.00 trading 200,000.00 wont be a drop in bucket to a volume of 10,000,000 shares traded of slw.
        what are you talking about i was wrong friday? I played ande and pd andmth on their peaks and vallys all day.
        you also dont want results in seconds like the others do you!if your talking about the dow it will hit 11030 proably tomorrow.
        so the 100.00 bet is on right and i'll send it if i'm wrong and you do the same.
        cerp hasn't moved yet but it will very soon.
        good night and good luck on bet!

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