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  • mikehusain2000 mikehusain2000 May 24, 2006 11:55 AM Flag

    SLW is Breaking Down

    Looks like SLW topped at 9.20 yesterday, and it broke 8.50 today which means it's head downward. This market is headed further down. Von came close to 11030 on the DOW, by 10 points. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. He was close. His calls on SLW was generally correct, but it took longer for it to happen, but true, SLW did go above 8.17 and hit 9.20, but the point is It's not going back up anytime real soon. So, if Von was off in his prediction, he was right in the general sense that SLW came back down and will continue to break down. Look at where silver is right now, at about 12.65, and where SLW is right now, at 8.21 range. A few weeks ago when silver was at 12.65, SLW was at the $10 range. Go figure! This market is falling apart.

    If you want to be safe, just short what Von recommended and cover quickly to make quick money. The smart money is doing just that now. The smart money is not going long in the market yet. Why do you think gold and silver stocks are way down compared to gold and silver prices? Von's call on the DOW going down to 10,000 may not happen in a day, but will probably take time. Von's calls do come true, but will not happen right away. As for his calls to short PD, ANDE, and MTH, he's been right, within a day or two of his calls. Most of the time, it happens the same day. He trades about 30 times a day, like a yo-yo on his picks.

    Keep up the good work, Von! And you guys, please, please, cut this guy some slack. The bottom like is he's making money daily or overnight, but he's making money is the point. Someone on this board on Monday said that he shorted SLW and lost money because he shorted at $8 and then it went up to 9.20. I hope he didn't cover yet, because he'll make money when slw goes down to 7.60, maybe this week, or even by tomorrow.

    Good luck, everyone!

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    • You are as bad as the other guy. You are both on IGNORE now.

    • His job is to annoy irritate and distract. How's he doing? He makes up crap just to provoke. He's no stock genius or he wouldn't be posting here at all. He's a punk short assigned to this board.

    • What are you talking about, SEE YOU IN A MONTH??? As of Friday, you're done on this board! Or does "WILL NEVER POST AGAIN" mean only for a month to you?? You really have no concept of time, do you? No wonder timing is such an issue for you!! And you also have problems with the language, don't you? You specifically said all those stocks would close down today and CERP would not. You were barely 50% right on those calls!!

      Looks like you also have problems with basic math. When you're wrong 5 out of 10 times, that's a 50% accuracy rating. You moved the decimal place over two times too many. You're not wrong 0.5% of the time, but actually 50% of the time. Now get lost and don't come back in a month or ever!! (except to provide that final posting to let your minions know where you'll be posting, since we know we'll be hearing from them shortly - or maybe you can just e-mail all of them, since you've made them so much money, shouldn't they have provided you with a 'gift' by now?)

    • I'm done with the board and you can celebrate now,even though i was money today on all my 13 picks and would have covered them at different points of trading today,i said i wouldn't post again if one was wrong even once by friday but the morons are to strong here good luck to all.see you in a month.

    • Von, seriously, if you take out the timing aspect, you've made pretty good calls even though they haven't been 99.5% accurate. If you include the timing, your calls have not been good at all. Let me start with your beloved CERP. On 5/7, you said it would double by this Friday. We know that's not going to happen. ONE WRONG. You also said it would be $1.65 by 5/9. That didn't happen. TWO WRONG. $2.25 by Friday, then changed to Friday or Tuesday? Not going to happen. THREE WRONG. $2 by Friday? Not going to happen either. FOUR WRONG.

      So far you have two wrong just on your beloved CERP and by Friday it will be three wrong and then by Tuesday it will four wrong.

      You said 90% chance down would go to 9800 on Monday. It didn't happen. You said SLW wouldn't reach $8.18 and that silver wouldn't reach $14.10. Two more wrong!

      Here's what you said late Sunday night: CHARTING SAY PD AND ANDE COULD GO MID TO LOW 70s silver to 11.50 gold 640 and copper 20% lower

      Only one of these 5 things have happened. What's your timing on the other 4???? I'd go on, but I guess it really doesn't matter since you'll be off this board on Friday.

    • Hey guy,
      take a load off. Just buy gold and silver and let the market take care of itself.

    • Holy crap! You try to make me wrong on my timing.i called top of gold and silver and called top of this sector called the turn of the hbs and practically can call a stock to the day.called dow to go to 11,030.and at least 40 stocks when i'm challenged.

      but here you go again.yes i am that 99.5% correct and could prove that but here's some more shit you dish out again.
      you want to call my rep now. I'll have him tell you.just say the word.dave conner 1-800-858-0381. If you agree tell me now but if he tells you.1200 trades 8 weeks 2 wrong.apologize

    • Trust me, I have no problems with making money and most of the people on this board are interested in hearing more than one point of view, but you come on here claiming 99.5% accuracy which has already been proven untrue and your timing leaves much to be desired, especially for someone who is supposedly making his living timing the ups and downs of stocks to know when to short and cover.

    • I give my time also as a coach in sports for children.and i'm not talking about the children on this board.
      i just dont like to br cut down by the three amigos.
      i can be kind and nice to everyone but i must say what i believe will happen and not be called a fool when i state my point.does everyone here want to hear just why we should all get rich on slw.or do they want to also have another point of view.
      lets be friends ok

      i'm sorry if i'm to the point but it may have saved alot of money for alot of people.

    • If we could just get you to stop posting to him then I think he would shut up. You are just about as annoying as he is. GIVE IT A REST!

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