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  • ymp_fl ymp_fl Jun 1, 2006 8:58 AM Flag


    Being reported to Yahoo. Everyone else please do same. 1 VON 5 Usernames.

    OOOOOW It's multiplying!

    Get Yahoo to stop this.

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    • "1400 trades in last 9 and ahalf weeks and been wrong 5 times !Those 5 were very small losses."

      You've been on this board for 4 1/2 weeks and I can name more than 5 wrong trades right off the top of my head, and some of them were for pretty large losses. Why don't you tell me which 5 trades you consider to be wrong (I'm assuming at least half of them were in the 5 weeks before you came on this board?) and then I'll list all of the other ones and ask you why you don't think they were wrong.

      Looking forward to you moving to your new chat room. That would be a more appropriate forum for your postings. Just out of curiousity, why didn't you set up your portfolio on (where the most popular forum is SLW) to prove your stock-picking prowess to everyone? Or maybe you did, but the results haven't been as good as you keep claiming so you haven't shared it with everyone????

    • "I've made over 1400 trades in last 9 and ahalf weeks and been wrong 5 times"

      this is delusional or scam, there is no other alrernative, but it doesn't matter which -- either case von is very bad news.

    • look you don't need von to know you should have been raising cash. he is an idiot. not to mention an assh*le. anyone can spout off in a loud voice and be right half the time. you say his picks are dead on, either you are not looking or you are part of the "game".

      or, if you are real, and got banged hard by the correction, and it surprised you, you do not know what you are doing. If you are not interested in learning how to take care of yourself (it's called STUDY), maybe you do need help, but you can do a lot better than von.

    • He got the longs mad so one jerk turned him in. I dont know what he did wrong cause i dont follow most posters comments here but the ones who are long are usually misinformed by posters who have been here awhile and pump the company.
      Someone said today he doesnt care how low the stock goes and someone else agreed. That kind of judgement will only work on your own money cause margin will make you go broke darn fast.
      You deal in puts and calls so that leave me out.

    • I know VON really doesn't give much insight on SLW but why does everyone hate the guy so much? From what I've seen everything he's said the past month has been correct; if I listened to him instead of holding long I'd be sitting on a lot more cash than I am now. How is he scaming anyone he's just posting some picks that seem to be dead on.

    • Solicitation of a "miner" is not illegal...but if we're talking minor...well

    • So he will come back as lloydslondon.

    • Well, it took a little more than 48 hours (maybe it's 48 working hours!), but Yahoo responded about 4 hours ago:

      Yahoo! has evaluated and taken the appropriate action, as determined in Yahoo!'s sole discretion under our Terms of Service with regards to the posts brought to our attention.

      Not sure what that means, but I just checked and saw that Von hasn't posted for over 4 hours, so hopefully he's finally been banned? Maybe there's something to 6/6/06 after all, LOL!!

    • your an idiot.Let them see my posts they'll see your not only wrong but stupid.

    • Wow, that was quick - I already receive an e-mail from Yahoo saying that they will be making their determination within 48 hours. I replied back to them that I believe he is also in violation of Item 6k of the their Terms of Service.

      Sorry von, but you were given ample warning and opportunity to stop posting on this board. Now we'll see what happens.

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