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  • wgfur wgfur Jul 6, 2006 11:40 AM Flag

    Just shorted


    The last time I shorted this it went sideways for two weeks then fell off a huge cliff. You call that bad timing? I swing trade so that was perfect timing and a damn good trade.

    Meanwhile you were cheerleading at the top instead of taking profits off the table. Had you taken profits when I recommended it, you could have bought at the recent bottom. Your welcome for the call.

    One post and I'm already disapointed with the level of discourse on this board.

    I have no delusions about posting to influence the market. I try to share my thoughts with other traders to help them and all you can do is bash me for doing so.

    Why don't I leave the posting to the idiot cheerleaders like you instead of intelligent traders - a@@hole.

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    • WOW It took so little time for you to expose yourself as the basher you are. If you like I can dig up the old posts to prove you wrong about your timing. It fell off a cliff months after you shorted it. So as I said you had the right idea but your timing was way off. As it appears to be today again as SLW has moved up since your short. Do not worry about me or my profits as I am secure in the knowledge that when I sell my SLW it will be much higher than it is today. When I can not say. I have never been a cheerleader and my posts prove that. Only a basher would even consider using that terminology. Furthermore how you took my post as bashing you is sad. All I did was point out the facts as history has recorded them. If the facts of the story "bash" you then maybe you are a tad paranoid.

    • He did the same with me. He wants to be the leader of the pack so who cares.
      He sucks, and more are getting to realise that.

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