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  • couplover couplover Jul 6, 2006 3:26 PM Flag

    Just shorted

    Wall St. is a sales organization not an investment org. It is that simple. They make money when people buy and sell. I was surprised the article left out Abby Cohen who is most likely still pumping tech stox, as she has relentlessly since the late 90's.

    For some of us (at least for me) I invest in long term trends and leave all the other noise alone. My guess is most traders lose more than they make or there would be a lot more rich people around. Some traders are just hooked on the action and that is another story and has little or nothing to do with building wealth or "investing" in a company or a sector. I suppose if someone derives the majority of their income from trading stox they need to constantly remove assets in the form of cash to live on. They better be right. For the rest of us we have incomes outside our portfolios and prefer to watch them grow over time. Even add to them with our income. PM's will continue to grow for years to come, but may not go straight up. Few things ever do. Timing sales to sell into strength and buy on weakness is nerve racking and takes luck, skill, and more luck. It is easy to miss tops and bottoms. However hindsight is 20/20 so it is easy to see what someone SHOULD have done. That is much different from telling the future. In regards to shorting one runs the risk of margin calls and being wrong. Shorts that claim to hold those positions open for weeks and months must have a friendly broker and balls of steel. There is no doubt more money could have been made buying and selling SLW on the swings then shorting it. It has only had 2 decent pullbacks enough to make any real money going short and even that is dangerous as proven by all those people that went short late in the decline based on god knows what and are now seriously underwater.

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