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  • crdnlau crdnlau Jul 6, 2006 4:22 PM Flag

    Just shorted

    The question that can be raised is why are these people pimps? The answer is simple. If they screamed sell and you sold you would have no reason to watch them and you would stop watching. Viewership would decline, Kudlow would have to get a real job, and CNBC would make less money. If they make less money then heads are going to roll. Since we want the nice senior managers at CNBC to keep their jobs the hacks on TV pimp the markets. And God forbid somebody comes on with a contrary opinion. Jim Rogers had the temerity to do that in 1999 and Ted David (now there is a real bright bulb) incessantly made fun of him every Friday afternoon.
    Cohen and a few others actually made their reps by being right once--1987. Don't we wish we could live off one right move for the rest of our lives.
    The pimps on TV are little different from the shysters that do the upgrades/downgrades. When the firm wants to buy some stock cheaper they downgrade the stock. When they've filled up they upgrade it.

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