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  • jenthico jenthico Jul 11, 2006 11:29 AM Flag

    Largest Scam Ever

    Contrary to popular belief among the "conspiracy theorists," JFK was in fact assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who had no ties to organized crime or the USSR. He was a "wanna be" as was Jack Ruby and they both wanted recognition. The History Channel did a special on this very subject, fielding all theories and dispelled all of them WITH TECHNOLOGY. They did a graphic and proved the one bullet theory and dispelled the second shooter theory with doppler technology.

    Get over it, Oliver Stone!!!

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    • let me guess: you also believe that on 911, it was a day that not only did the 1st steel tower in history ever fall....but it happened three times in one day AND one of them (wtc7) wasnt even burning very much. AND that it was the first time in aviation history that plane crashes resulted in the entire evaporation of the entire plane (engine of titanium w burning points twice that of jet fuel burning temps).

      please stop. you really can't believe that. THAT would be a conspiracy theory beyond all conspiracy theories if you believe all these 'firsts' occured on the same day!

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      • WTC and 911 are different. That said, however, I don't think BUSH et al, ordered or even sub-contracted it. It was more along the lines of FDR and Pearl Harbor (they already new, but purposely did nothing about it,) with a rush to war that had already been planned before Bush even took office. If the Bush Admin had ordered it, somebody would've talked by now; a secret like that is just screaming to get out.

        Turn about is fair play. If the History Channel has no credibility, why do all of these "conspiracy" sites? Seems to me the CTs have more of an agenda than THC!!!

        Lastly, look at the JFK film again, his head went forward first before it recoiled back (action and reaction;) the forensics tell a different story than the CTs. Where's the bullet hole in the windshield? If anything, his brains should've been all over Jackie O, not at the back of the car; it was the side of his head that was blown off.

        LBJ also believed it was a conspiracy and I sure as hell ain't in the same camp as he!!! He is part of (or started) the silver cabal. Hey I know, LBJ hired LHO and cried conspiracy to get heads to look the other way.


      • No Titanium residue? No, but they found FEATHERS!!! Leftovers of the PETRODACTYLS that flew into those building with high explosives up their Wazzos! There is a conspiracy alright, but it is of the ALIENS that have taken over Shaft #2 at Red Lake and their rock eating LARVAE that defecate gold bricks.

      • For all those who claim conspiracy why don't you try reading some of Murray Rothbard's work such as "The Case Against The Fed" or look into the functioning of fractional reserve banking? Let us know what you think...

    • dont trust the history channel, dont trust the warran commission. just look at the video tape and trust your own eyes. nothing could be more obvious that the first bullet hit kennedy from the front. his head flew backwards, his brain was ejected backwards over the rear of the car (which jackie had to go retrieve) because that was the exit side. please dont be so gullible that you get to the point where you dont trust your own eyeballs. when that gets to be the case you are nothing more than a mindless autotron.

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      • <<<dont trust the history channel, dont trust the warran commission>>>


        Whenever a famous (or imfamous) person dies, no one accepts the circumstances of his death, or even the death itself.

        For years, people believed Hitler was alive and well and living in Argentina. When I was a kid there were three numbnutz going around saying they were Jesse James.

        Some said Mussolini was stil alive even though he bled to death after being shot by ten thousand Italian marksmen.

        Kennedy is gone, live with it or I'll tell Elvis on you.


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