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  • sack_of_heads sack_of_heads Jul 11, 2006 5:00 PM Flag

    Largest Scam Ever

    I have been reading this board for some time - usually there are tidbits on Silver Wheaton and the stock market, but this latest thread has piqued my interest.

    I am not sure what exactly happened on 9-11 or triggered it to happen, but I find it hardly plausible that the US gov't would destroy the WTC, kill thousands of citizens, and terrorize a nation for the purpose of...of... I guess there is no clear motive. (And don't tell me it was to take down Bin Laden, who 5 years later is still making his home videos). Iraq? The link was never there and the country went to war for other reasons anyway - WMDs remember - and then there is oil. Oil, you know what now costs us double what it used to - as commodity prices and increased and the dollar is weaker due to military overpsending and blahdiblah. Ok, whatever purpose the gov't would have had isn't clear, hasn't materialized, or more to the point - doesn't exist.

    Also, if the plane in PA was shot down, why did no one see it shot down? I have seen a F16 overheard and they are incredibly loud, I can only imagine what one would sound like as it blew up a 747. Not likely that no one saw nothing.

    Which brings up the last point: the story never leaked. Someone would have spilled something. It just never happened b/c it never happened.

    We should all stop overanalyzing a bad situation in the past and start thinking about the best path forward. It is the only way.

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