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    • Contrary to popular belief among the "conspiracy theorists," JFK was in fact assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who had no ties to organized crime or the USSR. He was a "wanna be" as was Jack Ruby and they both wanted recognition. The History Channel did a special on this very subject, fielding all theories and dispelled all of them WITH TECHNOLOGY. They did a graphic and proved the one bullet theory and dispelled the second shooter theory with doppler technology.

      Get over it, Oliver Stone!!!

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      • let me guess: you also believe that on 911, it was a day that not only did the 1st steel tower in history ever fall....but it happened three times in one day AND one of them (wtc7) wasnt even burning very much. AND that it was the first time in aviation history that plane crashes resulted in the entire evaporation of the entire plane (engine of titanium w burning points twice that of jet fuel burning temps).

        please stop. you really can't believe that. THAT would be a conspiracy theory beyond all conspiracy theories if you believe all these 'firsts' occured on the same day!

      • dont trust the history channel, dont trust the warran commission. just look at the video tape and trust your own eyes. nothing could be more obvious that the first bullet hit kennedy from the front. his head flew backwards, his brain was ejected backwards over the rear of the car (which jackie had to go retrieve) because that was the exit side. please dont be so gullible that you get to the point where you dont trust your own eyeballs. when that gets to be the case you are nothing more than a mindless autotron.

    • Wilson said this!
      Jefferson said that!
      Madison said this!
      Pure propaganda with a capital "P".
      What is it about those who spread untruths, half-thruths? Fear mongers or just those who allow their lack of education to guide their decisions and wish to guide others down the path of ignorance with them.

    • I thought a jingo was a small feral dog from Australia?
      As in "The Jingo Stole My Baby"

    • I think you give too much credit to the powers that be and their abilities to protect us. They are corrupt politicians whose technology is about 10-20 years behind any corporation.

      I live in the DC area and work as a computer contractor. One of the first I worked for was for the FAA. A BIG JOKE!!! Talk about one hand not knowing what the other is doing??? I have also worked for the Department of Energy during the Reagan years at a "nukular" weapons facility. The arms race was predicated on our NOT knowing what the USSR had in their arsenals.

      We are a nation of laws and as such our government is so tied up in beauracracy, that it is crushing under its own weight.

      They may have protocol for putting tar on prison roofs, but that doesn't mean they have the wherewithall nor the means to follow said protocol.

      I do believe something went awry, but like the FAA, I have to believe that one dept of our government has no clue what another is doing.

      BTW, magnesium when exposed to oxygen and burning, will burn hotter than 1800 degrees (jet fuel.)

      So I am a conspiracy theorist; I've been called worse. But if you want me in your camp to overthrow the best nation in the world, you better come up with some rock solid, unrefutable evidence. Our leaders aren't as smart as they think they are and we aren't as dumb as they think we are. All we really need is a third party from which to choose our leaders.

    • Most people should be called sheeple since they just follow. People should put away sheeple thinking and look at all the possibilities without pre-concieved idea and see what makes sense - the Government theory or the conpiracy theory, and not all conspiracy ideas may make sense either. And don't say that "our" government would kill it's own citizens. How many soldiers have been tested on in the past with radiation? What about depleted uranium? Ringworm children ring a bell??

      Sure Bush wasn't behind the actual planning of it, he's not that bright, it's even possible that he didn't even know about it because he's so dumb that he might have said something to the effect afterwards - but that being possible it's most likely they all knew about how and when 911 was going to happen. There is way to many inconsistencies with the government story. Too many protocols that haven't been followed and too many impossibilities that all happened on one day involving the same incident.

      But it was funny when Bush said in his speach not to believe all those conspiracy theories. He should have added that we all should all be sheeple following our leaders even if it means death to us and our children. lol

    • Ok congratulations - you are another prolific OT poster now on IGNORE.

    • great link. thank you. you know when the gov't collects the amount of taxes that it collects from us and there is no law behind that collection, or in other words, they are 'taking it' unlawfully, then we are in the midst of a clearly defined facist state. facism isnt defined any more clearly than that.

    • i like your shows you are perspicacious...but.. the flaw is that the entire fiasco was consistent.. from the time the 1st plane was known hijacked, till the time the plane hit the pentagon it was almost two hours. protocol demands jets be scrambled in 4 mins upon a hijacking. even after we knew it was a terrorist attack on our country the pentagon plane was left unfettered for almost an hour....IMPOSSIBLE.

      also, no wreckage of the pentagon plane or flight 93 was found. the claim is that the entire plane was evaporated due to fire. the engines are made of titanium melting temp 3000 degrees. jet fuel = 1800 degrees IMPOSSIBLE.

      NO.. this involved our govt.. not that it was a 'int'l effort'.

    • ...get off your soap box guys. I sent the last "Northwoods Project" pdf file to the white house and a few different dems. I have also sent the link to select family and friends. What more can I do?

      Both of you have failed to enlighten us with what you have done; bapps, keep "quacking" in your boots like a duck.

      IGGY to you both and good luck spilling your blood for Amerika!!!

      Here comes a sell-off in gold and silver. HUI couldn't hold above 342. IMO, the H&S formation may take us down to recent lows.


    • Enough of this OT negative BS - you are now IGNORED.

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