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    • Wilson said this!
      Jefferson said that!
      Madison said this!
      Pure propaganda with a capital "P".
      What is it about those who spread untruths, half-thruths? Fear mongers or just those who allow their lack of education to guide their decisions and wish to guide others down the path of ignorance with them.

    • Contrary to popular belief among the "conspiracy theorists," JFK was in fact assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who had no ties to organized crime or the USSR. He was a "wanna be" as was Jack Ruby and they both wanted recognition. The History Channel did a special on this very subject, fielding all theories and dispelled all of them WITH TECHNOLOGY. They did a graphic and proved the one bullet theory and dispelled the second shooter theory with doppler technology.

      Get over it, Oliver Stone!!!

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      • let me guess: you also believe that on 911, it was a day that not only did the 1st steel tower in history ever fall....but it happened three times in one day AND one of them (wtc7) wasnt even burning very much. AND that it was the first time in aviation history that plane crashes resulted in the entire evaporation of the entire plane (engine of titanium w burning points twice that of jet fuel burning temps).

        please stop. you really can't believe that. THAT would be a conspiracy theory beyond all conspiracy theories if you believe all these 'firsts' occured on the same day!

      • dont trust the history channel, dont trust the warran commission. just look at the video tape and trust your own eyes. nothing could be more obvious that the first bullet hit kennedy from the front. his head flew backwards, his brain was ejected backwards over the rear of the car (which jackie had to go retrieve) because that was the exit side. please dont be so gullible that you get to the point where you dont trust your own eyeballs. when that gets to be the case you are nothing more than a mindless autotron.

    • great link. thank you. you know when the gov't collects the amount of taxes that it collects from us and there is no law behind that collection, or in other words, they are 'taking it' unlawfully, then we are in the midst of a clearly defined facist state. facism isnt defined any more clearly than that.

    • I thought a jingo was a small feral dog from Australia?
      As in "The Jingo Stole My Baby"

    • The correct word is "Dingo", but Seinfeld was a good show. :)

    • Yeah, and FDR put the whole Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor to entice the Japanese to bomb us so that he could "with clear conscience" enter WWII and come to the aid of Great Britain.

      It's like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in it. Maybe foolish, but the guy who steals the car is the criminal, NOT the guy who left his keys in the car!

      GET IT?

    • I thought they were a pair of Frye boots!

    • i like your shows you are perspicacious...but.. the flaw is that the entire fiasco was consistent.. from the time the 1st plane was known hijacked, till the time the plane hit the pentagon it was almost two hours. protocol demands jets be scrambled in 4 mins upon a hijacking. even after we knew it was a terrorist attack on our country the pentagon plane was left unfettered for almost an hour....IMPOSSIBLE.

      also, no wreckage of the pentagon plane or flight 93 was found. the claim is that the entire plane was evaporated due to fire. the engines are made of titanium melting temp 3000 degrees. jet fuel = 1800 degrees IMPOSSIBLE.

      NO.. this involved our govt.. not that it was a 'int'l effort'.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      BTW, I have had this debate with my dad. He and his brother are both civil engineers and they have quite a convincing argument for the freefall. However, that is where I draw the line - I think it was a demolition job and for the second time, THE PLANES WERE A ROUSE, IMO.

      The heat from the plane (which rises) warped the main vertical structures pulling them inward. The way that the TOWERS were built, was not conventional, so I am told. The floor structures were made of less heavy steel (almost like tubing) and were "tied" to the vertical steel structures. This design gave the towers flexibility in high winds, so that they would give IN SAME.

      When the heat from the burning fuel warped the vertical structures above the planes, pulling them inward, it pulled the floor ties from those structures weakening the whole building underneath the planes. In essence, the floors were already loose when the buildings collapsed.

      Like I said, I'm not buying the whole argument as it still leaves Blg. 7 unexplained.

      Much like JFK, we will probably never know the truth until it is told or revealed. I do believe there was a conspiracy, but NOT of the magnitude which the CT sites are trying to sell us. They TOO, have an agenda...CHAOS!!!


    • my dear friend, it is YOU who believe in conspiracy theories if you think that planes can fly around the most heavily protected airspace in the world for almost two full hours - almost one hour of that AFTER it was known that our country was under terrorist attck - without any fighter jet interception. It is YOU that believe in conspiracy theories if you believe that for the 1st time in history not one but three buildings collapsed due to fire. it is YOU that believe in conspiracy theories if you believe that for the 1st time in aviation history that all the planes evaporated leaving NOTHING as wreckage even though the engines are titanium and melt at 3000 degrees and jet fuel burns at only 1800. It is YOU that believe in conspiracy theories if you believe that the man who flew the plane into the pentagon was so adroit the flew it 20 feet above the ground through downtown washington with such skill that the radar techies are on record as saying they thought it was a military pilot, yet the pilot attempted to rent a cesna one month earlier but was denied because he was incapable of flying a cessna plane. YOU are the one that believe in conspiracy theories

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