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  • dorjenabob dorjenabob Sep 6, 2006 12:50 PM Flag


    Putting your agenda aside for the moment,I would agree that Telfer paid a high price for Glamis but then again he did the same for his past purchases.What you fail to take into account is the fact that gold and silver are on the rise and what seems like an overpayment is in fact a protection to make sure he gets the prize. Within a year it will look like he got a bargain,which he did.
    ps dont you get a little tired bashing against the wind?You are like a dog baying at the moon,NO EFFECT GIVE IT UP SAVE SOME FACE!

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    • He's a paid basher IMO, otherwise why would he bother posting crap each day. Obviously every time this stock moves higher he posts more. He'll be bashing when this stock is in $15 range and then some more in the $20 range. I guess those paid bashers don't make enough when the stock moves higher. Too bad ignore doesn't seem to work as well as it should. These type of idiots just fill the board with garbage.

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