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  • happiesthihosilveraway happiesthihosilveraway Nov 28, 2006 10:33 PM Flag

    well just hihosilver away

    u do know most have a mix of natgas and oil. and no i didnt exactly sell. i sold the 10k ng i had 100k profit in, sold the canroys i had to offset the gain partially, and bought pgh,,pwe, and pwi. i had previously sold them at the highs and bought others after they had had a selloff. i replaced the ng with slw. so goes the life of a trader and a tax player. i plan to keep these canroys and expect some massaging of the tax plan. at best the energy canroys are grandfathered. and i expect nova gold to possibly drop back to sub abx bid of 16. the only thing that has been consistent is silver. even there i still trade in and out by varying the number of contracts i hold long at one time from a low of 2 to a high of 12. sadly each year gets marked to market and the tax man calleth. this year is going to be expensive. damn i love paying taxes. oh, i can write off the 60k i ended up losing is sls, still have to pay.

    and the reason they didnt rise with the oil to 61 is the oil has been most volatile and most stock players in this area will now let the product prove itself prior to sinking in more funds. i expect the canroys to be bought prior to the dec exdivvy date after a selloff the next 3 weeks for tax loss selling. after the first of jan, a whole new ballgame.

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