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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Aug 1, 2007 8:09 AM Flag

    We are headed down

    Good to see others know.

    we are running out of time.

    ron paul is the only candidate that wants to turn the good ship america hard about.

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    • Too bad 90% of Americans don't know who Ron Paul is.

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      • I'm working my butt off and donating funds to see the number go up.

        The really great thing is that when people with open minds hear his message of LIBERTY and individual FREEDOM as well as his strong desire to ABOLISH the IRS and replace the income tax with NOTHING because a Constitution obeying federal government would not require such a tax, they quickly become Paul supporters.

      • Oh and if you've got a free minute, tell all your friends to watch "STOP DREAMING" at YouTube.

        It's all about FREEDOM and the trouble is Americans have been so brainwashed that they fear the idea.

      • SLW 13.48 dn. .23 cents on 2.49 million shares. If SLW follows SLV, the surprise to the upside could easily begin sooner than the release of earnings on Friday. SLV is building a very strong looking reverse H&S formation and my cursory estimates points to 150 on that chart. That translates roughly to $15.00 for silver bullion, which is easily possible in a very short period of time.... meaning weeks... not months. That in turn points to a like movement in SLW. If the last few minutes of strength in the market as well as SLW is any indication of more strength tomorrow, then there will not be any further chances of buying at those lower and much anticipated prices. My only other observation is that GG didn't follow suit today, and I am left still wondering if we'll see 12.50 - 13.00 also. So far only the hourly has shown any strength. The daily is still bottom fishing and the oscillators look like they may have a bit more work to do. Maybe it will simply do a little of that sideway trading to clean up the last of the sellers who are going to get left at the station as usual. After that... between them and the shorts rushing in to cover... we're going to see some fireworks. Either way, things look like they're going to get very exciting real fast. I wouldn't want to be waiting for that last second chance to get in at these prices. Good luck everybody!

21.29+0.46(+2.21%)Jun 24 4:04 PMEDT