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  • larryland50 larryland50 Aug 1, 2007 5:12 AM Flag

    We are headed down

    tomorrow! Does anyone think that the Fed would let the PM group overpower the Banks! The Federal Reserve is all about Banks! They have the power to control their own destiny!!!

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    • Anyone that has debt on any kind of asset will lose! My Great Great Grandparents lost everything turn 1930!The only asset that did not lose during the deppression was gold because it was debt free! They call Mr. Ben a free money guy but I doubt it! The fed is all about banks #1 and if the banks go south they will do everything in their power to protect their interest's even if it is another Deppression!!!!!!!Short term at least we are headed down!!!!

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      • larry,

        Sorry, but I must, respectively, disagree with you. Our Federal Government is carrying an enormous and growing debt load which it must finance (pay interest on). It has no means of ever paying it off, and it's ability to keep it from growing more each day is very doubtful. So it must inflate it's currency so that it can continue to finance it's ever growing debt with an inflated currency. A deflated dollar would be disasterous and our current debt load would become unbearable. It will continue to print money, and, as our current Fed chairman once said, "he will drop it from helicopers if necessry to keep our economy going." There is no other solution to our debt problem that our elected leaders have created. As long as millions of Americans continue to seek more handouts from our government, our leaders will provide them so as to get reelected. Free medical care, free medicines, free preschool education, a free college education, and unfunded social security payments for every American are on their way. They will be paid for with more borrowed money (debt) that will never be paid off. You can plan on an inflationary economy until such time as our money becomes completely worthless and our National Government collapses. History repeats itself. Read about the collapse of Germany in the 1930's. In the past there have been many other nations that have taken the same path to destruction. The USA is now heading down this path and you and I are powerless to stop it. My solution is to invest in precious metals that will maintain their value. SS

    • That may be right Larry Land , but silver is still an industrial metal and a hedge to the $ Dollar, errrr $ Amero, silver based currencey coming down the pike , if you you are hip to the scene , so they can't just dump silver on the market like the central banks dump gold , they do it thru paper pretend manipulation,
      just wait till the silver users need delivery then you will be paid handsomely for being in silver bullion....

    • SLW Close about 13.59 up about .11 cents on light volume of 1.7million shares. Lackluster disappointing day. Hoping for a surprise indicating possibly higher earning for tomorrow, over .11 cents and even better than the most optimistic analyst of .12 cents.... but nothing. The downtrend is intact, and they'd have to really blow the socks off of everybody tomorrow to bring out enough buying to get the ball rolling tomorrow. But... never say never, and just maybe a miricle will happen. Either that, or wait until next week and maybe we'll clean it all up and get going.

    • I couldn't have said it better. They're the Cheney, Bush, Rove, Gonzales types. They're often smart but are often emotionally damaged, don't have an ounce of real character, no humility and definitely no compassion or consideration for the less fortunate. (I'll just bet they're Christians too...the self-righteous always talk that way..). Thanks for sticking up for a broader view of the world.

    • slw earnings...they better be good for those in nem, ouch!!! fortunately I own no shares of nem but slw

      my two cents

    • Hi HB...

      Re: Your comment... " Do you still think we'll test the low 13's and possibly lower, in the near future?

      I enjoy reading your comments.

      Live and learn..."

      Thanks I'm glad you enjoy my comments! :) I too played with the idea of selling 1/3 of my position, but didn't think it was really worth the trade because of the chance that it would only be for maybe a point or maybe two with the best of luck trying to catch the turn as close to the low as possible. So... since I really couldn't make up my mind I so the next best thing. When in doubt... do nothing. Using simple trendlines on the chart shows the downtrend is still in tact. I felt that 12.50 was pretty much in the bag, but the chop made a definite break below 13 too iffy. Today's performance just didn't show any reason for getting in yet either, so tomorrow will just have to be watched closely for any changes. If you just peek at the oscillators and check the hourly for a break of the downtrend going back two weeks to the high, you'll be more likely to catch the trend change. If there is the unlikely report of higher than expected earnings, at this point I believe it would just run away from everyone and gap up sharpely, which would bring in a huge amount of short covering and perpetuate a buying frenzy leading to the next leg up. My guess is... that we won't see it happen tomorrow. If it get to or below 12.50... just BUY. If not... wait until next week and see if it at least tries to build a little base. It's definitely going up... just not sure exactly when or at what possible price. My best guess will just have to be the Fibonacci numbers that I mentioned a few weeks back. between 12.31 and 13.69 on a close ABOVE of either one that is hit.

    • In reality, the Fed can only inflate or deflate. Which would you bet they'll likely do?

    • The way things are developing so far today, it doesn't look like there's going to be any surprises at all, going into tomorrow. The downtrend lines are still holding and meeting selling at each attempt to breach them, refering to the hourly and the daily charts. The technicals are giving off mixed signals, and they will need a very strong burst of buying in a hurry to change the tide. The signals are that tomorrow will most likely bring earning that meet expectations, rather than exceed them. Either way, the downtrend shouldn't last too much longer. C'mon... surprise me and show me that I'm all wet. Show me the money with a nice big in my face earnings report that goes over expectations!!! Do we need a cheering section to get a buying rally underway?!!!!!

    • Ron Paul is my hero. The ONLY politician I have ever agreed with in my life! He is not afraid to ask the right questions, and say the right things regardless of what entity or person may get offended.

      Ron Paul does not mind eating lunch alone with a clear conscious. Unfortunetly, Joe public always favors the idiot throwing the banquet lunch with zero conscious.

    • SLW is mirroring very closely the price of Silver. Metal prices have stabilized and the closer we get back to 13.5 (futures) the more likelyhood wave c (on Silver Chart) is complete and we should be heading up around $14 area. Though "short-term" trend is down, I believe the stock is just tracking time, the short term pattern still appears bullish and is holding support @ 13.20 area. There might be some surprises in the earnings tomorrow, but the big driver will be upside in Silver prices. As long as 13 area holds, we should hit that key pivot point and turn sharply higher. Since volume is light, we are still in correction / consolidation phase, very light volume days often coincide with the end of a correction (unless capitulation on the extreme), so we could move up any time.

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