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  • daviebri daviebri Aug 7, 2007 5:05 PM Flag


    your preaching to the choir...I know only too well the ramifications of economic disaster which awaits us all.
    I think the links I have posted correctly reflect my view. You took my statement a little too literally, such that most americans are not fully aware of what catastrophic events are already set in motion.

    The markets will shrug off this bad news, it chooses what to ignore and to take into account. Going into a blow-off is like stretching the proverbial rubber band to its limits and then when it snaps, the other extreme will occur. We are seeing this now with housing values in certain areas. We'll experience this with stocks as well.
    Some who are predicting this 2nd depression are advocating staying in cash (some pm's) but mostly cash, (t-bills). Cash would be ok if you bought Swiss francs (which is backed by Gold), but money fleeing into treasuries will be a lost cause, as you stated, when the dollar plunges, what is the point of having U.S. dollar denominated investments if dollar is near worthless paper.

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