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  • the_bullionaire the_bullionaire Aug 7, 2007 5:24 PM Flag


    bogfit... the key as I see it, will be the large number of ARM's that come due around the first quarter of 2008. There's a huge amount of debt out there, and until it gets paid off, an easing of rates would only show weakness in our economy, not a shot in the arm that many think would be just what the doctor ordered. Encouraging more easy credit that's been so abused and the very cause of the problem is no way to make it go away. The bills need to be paid, one way or another, and people who have been lead to believe that the government can give them a free lunch will eventually find there's no more money left. The only reason we live in a free country, is because their freedom has been paid for by the soldiers that gave their lives defending their country from tyranny many years ago. They don't teach that in school anymore. The test always comes first, the lesson always comes later. History always reapeats, but nobody ever learns anything from it. Read Kondratieff and you'll learn the reason why we don't understand what's happening.

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