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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jan 8, 2008 8:50 PM Flag

    Disonnect between Gold stocks and gold

    That is so true, when general public clues in, it will be too expansive to buy gold. Silver will start to shine as it's "poor man's gold" and silver will start to rise. General public still doesn't get it, PMs aren't moving higher because there is something new and fresh about them. but because PMs are real money and CBs IMO are the ones that are buying bullion. Before they were selling to slow the move but it maybe the opposite today. Selling gold for $100 and buying it back at $400 isn't a loss when you have power to create your own money out of thin air. Before they said they needed capital today they will call it a needed reserve. But meantime joe sixpack can't afford to go and buy gold as it's too expansive.

    As for stocks, if there is a crash, PM stocks will get flashed down the toilet with everything else as well, today Jan 8 can be seen how PM stocks react to negative market sentiment even as PMs move higher. Said that, they will bounce back higher and faster while the rest of the markets keep on tanking.


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