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  • carlos42948 carlos42948 Jan 14, 2008 2:54 PM Flag

    GG selling

    GG said it was done selling slw but just because they said that doesn't mean it's true. Now that they own less than half why stop now when they need the money and the stock was at a high. If true, perhaps they will stop selling when they think they have corrected it enough. They have done this before.

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    • If you (CEO) and the rest of your management team held SLW shares and options would you be selling the slw shares that belong to GG corporation? NO! Telfer and the gang are getting rich of SLW and will not sell much of slw shares until it's time - and it's not the time yet. Gold is going to 1000 this year and silver 20. Gold is going 2000 in the next couple years and where will silver be???

      When GG parted with a small percentage of slw shares it was not to go into more debt or they were squeezed by the lenders to lend more cash. SLW is the play to be in as this sucker is going much higher, and small bumps on the road to higher prices doesn't mean nothing.

    • We'll walk you through this real slow as it sounds that is the pace that is needed here. SLW has doubled in the last year. GG has made a 100% return on their investment in this SLW stock. If they had sold this stock a year ago then they would have lost this 100% return. While they would have received the proceeds from such a sale a year ago nevertheless they would still have incurred the opportunity cost of not holding SLW. Fast Forward to today. All I keep hearing is that GG will sell SLW stock, GG will sell SLW stock and this will make the price go down. Guess what? If GG were to sell SLW stock not only would they make the price go down on you but they would also make the price go down on themselves and each progressive share sold would result in less and less proceeds. All indications are that silver prices have now broken out. Silver priced in Euros recently confirmed this break out which is extremely bullish. The long term uptrend channel on silver is extraordinary and the upside high might truly be very spectacular. If you look at a chart you can even see the possibility of silver prices in the triple digits. Silver prices have always lagged gold in a bull market and this time should be expected to be no different. Now all this being said; Please explain to me why GG will sell SLW stock and risk incurring this type of opportunity cost (this time perhaps substantially more than the 100% they would have incurred had they liquidated these SLW shares a year ago - maybe 300%, 500% or more opportunity cost. Especially while doing so would, again, result in SLW going down in price and thus hurting each successive share sold as well as all the other shares they hold. And after liquidating their shares in SLW, and experiencing a significant loss due to the market impact cost of pushing their own sale price lower combined with the opportunity cost that very likely could make the 100% cost over the last year look like peanuts - where will GG put this money to compensate for the enormity of all these costs? Huh? If you know where GG can make a return that exceeds all these costs, possibly amounting to 500%, 600%, 700% or more then I don't think you'd be on here hyperventilating about GG selling SLW. It seems that the only thing you can point to that might lower the price of SLW is GG selling. What this means is that from GG's persepective if they don't sell they can reap much more extravegant returns holding SLW then by selling it (incurring all these losses; Opportunity cost and market impact cost) and then reinvesting the proceeds somewhere else.

    • Does not matter to me if they sell or hold.

      I own both GG and SLW shares. I am making money in both. Both are going up and will go up more as POG and POS(silver) go up!!

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