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  • whattime0000 whattime0000 Jan 16, 2008 1:09 PM Flag

    RBS should be investigated by SEC for this Joke 2 weeks apart

    Total Sham

    SEC where are you?

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    • Nothing would be any different, downgrade or up upgrade price of SLW would be what it is today, basically any value that erases the recent gains. Remember how we looked at ABX, and AUY in awe? Well they're shareing a cabin with SLW tonight, and for the next few weeks.

    • I hate to say that I agree with RBS, but I do.

      When SLW hit 19, I made a ton of cash and felt it was overpriced at that point, so I sold a major portion shortly before RBS also said that it was over priced.

      Then yesterday, perhaps just a little early, I saw again that it was under-priced so I bought a big chunk. I rarely see overpricing and underpricing as clear as these two times seemed to me (and I'm not all that smart). Doesn't RBS have the responsibility to accurately give their opinion? Don't you agree that SLW was a little ahead of itself at 19+ (when silver was substantially lower) and now at 16 it's a little behind (I hope) with silver much higher?

      Didn't RBS really only have two options: 1. Withhold obvious information from their clients, 2. Tell them the truth. If SLW were to go to 25 tomorrow, wouldn't you "downgrade" it in your own head and tell yourself to sell a chunk.

      Perhaps I'm missing something?

      PS. Don't follow me, I don't know where the heck I'm going

    • Blatant manipulation IMO. And the SEC couldn't care less. So what is the solution? I assume that this practice goes on often with many stocks. Therefore, I attempt to look for superior value and growth potential when selecting a stock. I often will pay too high a price, as the stock price may decline after I buy it. But if I buy value, I'm confident that I'll be rewarded sometime in the future. Further, should the stock decline in price after I have purchased it, I often will buy additional shares. In the case of SLW, I have made a total of five purchases between 1/03 and 1/15. Once SLW is setting new highs, I'll be unloading into the strength. SS

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      • Well, now that RBS has picked up some shares at a $2 savings, they'll probably start driving the stock price up just as effectively as they drove it down.

        Whatever...I'm not interested in trading in and out of this stock. That's not what I do for a living. I'm sure some traders made a better return by jumping in and out, but I'll bet a larger number would have been better off by just buying and holding.

        I think a lot of traders are full of hot air, and I think they always crow about their gains, but keep quiet about their losses.

        SLW has performed better than just about any other major PM stock over the last 2 years. I expect SLW will continue to perform better. Look how hard it is for a "normal" PM co. to grow. They have to buy an operating mine (not cheap) or develop a new mine (not cheap and not easy). SLW is able to grow much more quickly.

        THe RBS analyst says SLW doesn't have much cash. Well, they'll have maybe $30M more when they report their 4th qtr. results. That $30M will be profits.

    • Not even. Jan. 3rd downgrade. Jan. 16th upgrade. Wonder what they did in between.

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