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  • goldverticalicious goldverticalicious Feb 10, 2008 3:48 AM Flag

    SLW vs CDE

    SLW longs: I am presently long CDE and would like some arguments from you longs why I should dump CDE and go with SLW. I recently got an insider trading report from Scottrade that showed CDE insiders are just showering themselves with free stock via options which I think sucks. Are there any former CDE holders here? Thanks longs.

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    • Guess all us SLW versus CDE fans were dead wrong on that one (so far) . I still like SLW but can not ignore an 8% jump in CDE today.

    • you need your Mommy. That has to be one of the most pathetic appeals I've seen on a Message Board! I can't believe you are incapable on doing your own due diligence....the internet provides you with resources for analysis never available before. YOU ARE PATHETC..YOU REALLY EXPECT PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORKED AND ANALIZED TO HAND YOU THIS STUFF? MAN UP AND SHOW SOME CAJONES....

    • goldveritcal,

      I currently hold both stocks along with selected other silver miners. IMO CDE is now poised to move much higher and could even be the top performer for 2008. As you know, these silver stocks go in and out of favor. When they are in favor they become so popular that heavy buying demand drives them up to excessive levels. A case in point is SSRI which had been a top performer, but has been struggling in recent months. It is now trading well below it's prior high. Conversely, CDE had performed so poorly that until recently, it had experienced heavy selling demand. Having been hammered down, it is now very attractively priced when it's projected earnings are considered. Basically, we should sell when everyone seems to want our stock, and buy when nobody seems to want it. My advice is to keep an eye on CDE. SS

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      • The only problem with that scenario is it has happened before and every time it does CDE dilutes. CDS , like GSS serves one purpose and on only. To enrich the BOD, the top management and they do this by luring in folks new to the sector who only see all those fat holdings and so much silver at such a reasonable price must mean big moves ahead. Forget it. Long after CDE makes it to $5 SLW will already be $20 at which point SLW goes to $24 and CDE back to $4.50. SLW was under $15 last week and it was a steal. Under $16 it is still a bargain. When CDE reports lower than expected earnings and SLW goes ballistic who do you think WS will reward?

        I sold my CDE when it was the same price as SLW a few years ago. Look at SLW now.

      • In addition to my prior comments about CDE's potential, consider this. CDE is about to become one of the world's top silver producers. It is planning to be able to produce 30 million ounces per year by 2009. It now has, and will continue to have, the lowest production cost per ounce. In other words, we are buying value when we buy CDE stock regardless of how disappointing it's past performance has been. The best time to buy it is when few others seem to want it. SS

      • CDE has been poised to rise since 2004. Anyone touting this equity is a masochist. It may rise if it's handlers need it to, otherwise they'll trade it up to $5 when silver skyrockets and gleefully sell it back down to $4.50 at the rumor of retraction. My theory of CDE is that are about 5 entities who each own a million shares ,and they play stock market with each other every day.

      • Go back to 2004. CDE went after Wheaton. Didn't work. Wheaton eventually went with goldcorp. Thus, take a look at a comparison: CDE and GG stock since 2004. Use Yahoo quotes to do it. Then add on SLW. Take your own decisions, but do not ignore performance of management. For another idea, now that you have charted GG, CDE and SLW, add on AEM. Pretty wild, yes?

        And finally, add on MOS. Just add it on to your comparisons. There are rapid movers outside precious metals. They are commodities, too. What is CHina gong to do with all that money? Buy the producer of what they will buy. DO they need fertilizer or silver?

        I have owned CDE in the past, and own SLW now. Also GG. No MOS, but I watch it.

        Best of luck!

    • Look at both stock 5 year charts and you will find your answer. CDE has done absolutely nothing. SLW has performed beautifully!

    • CDE is a very consistant stock, If you bought some for $4.50 in 2004, you can still buy some for that price today. 10 miiiion shares of CDE churn each and every trading day, year in, year out, with no appreciable result. I began to suspect that CDE was an income vehicle for its' mega shareholders who trade it back and forth each day for a tiny secure, profit. I grew weary of subsidizing their beach houses, and mistresses and sold.

    • Held CDE several times. Every time I thought I was going to make some money, they issued more shares and drove the stock price down. This stock is seductive due to the reserves, but never delivers. Avoid!!


    • Yeah I used to have CDE...they have a bunch of silver But a bunch of political
      instability ...and alot of short sellers so I sold my shares 1 1/2 years ago....

      I would play with buying GORO and EKK along with SLW....SRLM...MNEAF...

      Good luck

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