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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Apr 22, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

    RBC and History

    We learned last time that RBC probably had some insider information associated with Goldcorp selling their portion of SLW shares. This was evidenced by RBC selling all their shares, then Michael Curran came out and released a report saying Goldcorp would probably sell.

    We know what happend next. A month or so later they did sell.

    Well, today, RBC is selling like a monster 3/4 of a million shares with 2 hours left in the trade. What does this mean? I don't think anything good.

    I don't like this signal, this Curran person seems to have the inside track. I had to take some of my trading money off the table as a result of this.

    The sad thing is that if SLW goes lower from here, it will be breaking a significant upward trend line. i hope I'm wrong and am misreading this.


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    • from Kitco:
      London Fix - USD
      2008 (avgs.)
      Jan. 15.9611
      Feb. 17.5960
      Mar. 19.5055

      Cum. Avg. 17.6170
      I hope this helps

    • gata .com should let you know what kind of manipulation is going on from our so called government!
      I suggest anyone who wishes to know the truth; look at "Zeitgeist" the documentary. It talks about the banking system and how they manipulate markets world wide.

    • Chem: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I went "all in" this morning. I was feeling rather pleased when I went to lunch, but it started back south before lunch was over. Whew - what a market!

      I might have saved a few bucks if I had seen your take on RBS BEFORE I bought. One more woulda, coulda, shoulda, but all will be OK in due time. Anyway, again thanks for sharing.

      . . . GEJ

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      • You're welcome guerryellen.

        I hope my interpretation is wrong as I have a rather large core position of SLW that I've accumulated over the last 3 or 4 years - that, I never sell.

        As the saying goes, I've just learned the hard way, I mean the real hard way. Where once I would say: I know Silver should be going sky high; I know SLW earnings should be incredible; I know there is no better mining play than SLW if I believe silver is the most undervalued commodity...I've been taught its really the insiders who are in the know and I only think I know.

        As small as the sale was by RBC, it just defies reason to me that they would sell this close to earnings for absolutely no reason. Remember, with good news "buy on rumour, sell on news" RBC shouldn't be selling until the day of the news or close to it. 900,000 shares as small as it may seem is still $14 million dollars. It doesn't hurt to follow what 14 million dollars is doing, if I am actively trading.

        Also, the dominant market makers like Genuity/Orion and GMP weren't exactly offering support to the price.

        For the record I'm banking on the fact that I believe 3 or 4 years from now, on a undiluted basis, the share price will be above $80.00.

        Good trading.

    • You may be onto something. I too hope you're wrong, LOL. Perhaps production for Q1 is down & they got wind of it?? or another share offering is in the works...all speculation here. I'm holding on, gla

    • You're probably dead on with your reading. The way this market is going, SLW can come out on Monday with a great earnings report and the stock price plummet. ie Today ~ price of silver increase, all other companies dealing in silver increase, and SLW falls.

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