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  • ballhead59 ballhead59 Apr 22, 2008 3:52 PM Flag

    Divergence or Manipulation

    Crude oil hits $120, food prices are soaring, inflation is ramping up and the dollar is down 0.30 to near all time lows yet gold and silver go nowhere. This is either a serious divergence warning of a big move down in the PM’s or there is some serious manipulation going on here. Every PM chart I have looked at today is being pushed down to lower trend line support. Could be a final shakeout of weak hands cause I know I am feeling the urge to bail. Problem is my logic tells me it is manipulation forces and the final shakeout of weak hands. Unfortunately, my logic hasn’t been working lately and I have this really bad feeling in my gut.

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    • The way this government is printing money is obscene; look for a dollar crises this summer. Own as much gold and silver as possible. The manipulation is incredible!
      Zeitgeist will tell you all you need to know. It's a documentary on banking system.......

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      • Gold/silver is the anti dollar as you know and the fed/ppt will do all in their power to drive out weak hands and into the dollar. Massive manipulation on a historic scale. HOld on, keep your gold and silver and look to the future. It's hard, I know seeing your data money in the red, but you ain't lost a single dime until you sell, which is what the ppt wants you to do. I know I'd have a hard time buying food with an ipod, but believe I could get by with a little gold. It's your call though, and your money!

    • This is one stock that should be up, as it is not exposed to higher petro prices which hit miners twice, once for diesel fuel for equipment and again for power supply either generators or hydrocarbon powered grid electricity which only gets more expensive.
      You can look at OSK or many reasons, including that it will hook up to Quebec hydroelectric grid.

      This is one of most manipulated days for gold since the week GATA ran the full page ad a few weeks ago.

      Typically we see the most selling in issues that have the most recent profits, and the secondary buyers that are still holding will take profits all the way down. Secondary hangover, sector ready to break lower or bad numbers coming?

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