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  • mardermj mardermj Jul 15, 2008 9:33 PM Flag

    O'Seas Markets Flat to Down

    Apparently, the INTEL pop didn't translate well. Must be worried about putting chips in something somebody in the US can afford to buy. shows gold and silver floundering. Generally, I'd suggest Prozax, but pharmaceuticals aren't doing that well either.

    I know! For the next manipulated boom, after the govt buys all the fraudulent mortgage paper, we can get excited about new internet discoveries!

    No no, did that...

    I know! We can drop the irates on paper money till banks are giving it away, and that'll revive the country via using real estate pops to finance the country on second mortgages!!

    No, no, did that too.

    Well, I'm out of ideas.

    I know! Let's commit ourselves to bitchslapping camel jockeys, stretch the war out till we've run our of resources, print the money to replenish the military industrial complex, and everybody invest in warmaking machines!

    I bet some of you are already at it!

    How's that Lockheed Martin Raytheon connection coming?

    Use some of the fortune you made shorting FNM and FRE!

    You must have made a FORTUNE!

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