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  • reticiiz reticiiz Sep 5, 2008 12:22 AM Flag

    New Leg in PMs

    This might be the ending of the last phase of PM move but the next phase should be a move of it's own IMO. Up to this point we were in a bull market where all commodities moved higher and in fact other commodities were better plays than PMs. BUT IMO this is about to change. The world financials are in the worst credit crises since 1930s and as currencies try fight themselves in devluation there should be a point in time where PMs will become real money. Question is how long will it be before this move begins? Will we need a stock market crash? Will the central bankers pull the rug from underneath the small guys by finally moving into the bullion market and moving the bullion price sky high over night leaving the small guy out in the cold?

    It is good to see how resiliant PMs have been in the last couple days as Euro has been getting killed and PMs finally have been stabilizing. It doesn't mean the CBs won't push us lower but how much and how long will this be is still undetermined. Anyone holding physical shouldn't worry, stocks do hurt so it's good to do some hedging by means of selling out of money calls.

    Some predicted a market crash in October which is still a possibility. Either way, nothing in the world has changed in the last 30 days, US is 9.65trillian in debt, that some 100 billion more in the last 30 days alone. Economy is continuing spiral down and so is the housing market. EU is following the same course and why would one buy USD when it's not any better than any other paper?

    Sinclair has many good points but one thing I disagreed with him was that his view of Euro and USD. I don't know about his projections of USDX and 1650 gold. IMO once USDX hits.52 f it does gold should be past 3000 (just a guess). Due to hyper-inflation.

    As global markets slow, so will Chinese - and how will they react when over a billion people will be affected by slowing economy. China will have to export their inflation as it will be too much for them to absorb the double digit inflation and once that lands on our shorelines the new prices will be affecting the general public.

    This is huge what is happening in the world today and all I know is, I rather have physical bullion on hand than money in the bank - of course that being second to being totally out of debt.

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