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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Dec 9, 2008 12:55 PM Flag

    around 115 thousand...

    In my experience whenever executives have adopted poison pills wherever I've worked its because an offer is on the table, friendly or hostile.

    I remember one experience at a billion dollar software company I was working at, when another billion dollar player wanted to buy (this was about 8 years ago, when billion wasn't thrown around as much as today), the smalled company I was with pushed the pill through in a week or two. It rewarded all the execs down to directors because the deal was going to happen come hell or highwater.. I made a couple of

    Speculators should jump on SLW because of this. Its a good business model and if an offer is made you are guaranteed at a minimum 25% premium, if not, you have a good stock to hold for a few months that looks like its headed back technically to a strong uptrend.

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    • chemaes44,

      Thanks for the insight...would you take a 25% premium, today, for SLW,if it were an all cash offer.

      Inquiring minds want to know...

    • 25% premium of fair value - which is over $13.

      SLW management would NEVER sell the company at $5 - and no one would ever vote yes.

      There is a new trading range for SLW establishing itself...

      $3.68 to $6.50...

      A close over $3.79 will get the VOLUME TELL everyone is looking for. 10 to 30 million shares will need to cover over $3.80...

    • Although I hope you are correct, and that SLW does get some life in it from here forward (as DRYS just did), the poison pill that Vaalco Energy (EGY) put together last year, had no effect. That company was selling at $3.60 and had $1.50 in cash per share, and looked like it was an easy takeover. In fact, the stock rose as oil took off, not due to any PP scenario. Still hoping you're right though. One instance does not make a rule.

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