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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Jan 8, 2009 3:50 AM Flag

    Chemaes and others


    Thank you for the nice thoughts concerning me and also my health. I have a serious health battle on my hands. I should say legs, as the veins in my legs are dying. Chemaes, you mentioned that someone posted with your ID. How does someone do that? I suppose I could research it on Yahoo. Anyways someone posted with my ID back a week or so ago. I should go back and find it, but I think the title was something like "This is what I think." The person went to great lengths to use my writing style. The person talks about bad earnings coming and other not so positive issues. Maybe I can post a bit this weekend. Have a good week everyone and thanks. greg

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    • With my handle, you'd think I'd be the last person anyone would think for medical advice, but here is a thought process that might avail.


      First you need an X RAY and MRI, pictures of your upper back and lower, to see disc and spine involvement is creating pressure that might be affecting nerves that affect blood supply. Part of getting older is, the body sometimes builds more calcium inside the spine, figuring, if you've lasted so long on earth, maybe your spine needs further protection...

      So in my case, the lower spine has declinated to the point, that standing upright and walking straight, there is plenty of room in the inside of the lower spinal column, until I bend or climb stairs which torques the spine over newly laid calcium deposits. The discs are just fine, but I've been told that the only way to stop the crippling pain that comes and goes unexpectedly is lower back spinal fusion that will allow the scraping away of internal calcium deposits gathered over a lifetime. Or to stop having dreams that make me run in one direction, but have the top of me go the other direction, twisting the spine until it wakes me up screaming. Pillows under the knees helps there by keeping you from unconsciously turning the wrong way in your sleep.

      Steroid shots are a temporary respite lasting months until an operation, the operation leaves you good to go for a lifetime. Every cut session has risk, and I've been debating over whether to do this operation or not. The laser technique is not covered by insurance generally, only the more traditional slice and dice.

      If you've disc involvement, which foreshortens the distance between bones in the spinal column and impinges nerves exiting the spine to other parts of the body, physical and manipulative processes work: inversion boards which put you upside down and stretch you out, and chiropractical manipulation, slip bones back into their original position. A side effect of slant boards is--you may gain as much as an inch and a half in height over a year of use. Obviously, you can stand on your head all day or have doctors crack your back like an eggshell, if the problem is not alinement or discs, these kinds of treatments are worthless. But you'd be surprised how much numbness in the upper thigh and lower extremeties goes away with a session with one of these guys, a chiropractor or orthopod.

      Of course, with pain diminishment comes strength training for the legs, walking or running flatfooted so you aren't stomping the spine into submission. This builds veination in the legs.

      I'm not a doctor, don't play one on TV, but you can google your brains out for a couple hours and be as smart as anyone as to how to cure, from ice packs to hot compresses, warm wet therapies, hydro massage...

      Man was never meant to walk upright. The amount of back pain out there tells you so...


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      • hey deadmeat, I had a boss who did the spine fusion operation and he indicated that there was considerable risk. He indicated that there was a 50% chance of paralysis.

        The guy was a bit of a quack. He had to drive from toronto to cleveland for the operation and was told that after the operation, he should rest and not stress the back. The fool drove back to toronto, 3-4 hour drive. It did improve his situation, he was able to golf after not golfing for years because of the swinging pain. Just an FYI.

    • I will also chime in and wish you well on battling your health travails. You seem like a real nice guy; I hope things get resolved. In the "thick of it all" in this life, what it all boils down to, ultimately, is our health. On a somewhat lighter note, I am a public school science teacher who dabbles in position trades. I have traded a few rounds of AUY and SLW in the metals market, just to try to make a few bucks. I am bullish on metals in general, and specifically silver, gold, and copper. They are all important in the global economy, and are aslo important hedges. I think the business model of SLW is simply superb. Good luck to you, sir. I hope things look up in 2009.

    • Greg, Wishing you the best of health and thanks for all the help you have been so kindly providing me and other board members.

    • I have back problems too. It comes and goes. I know when I do a lot of lifting, twisting and heavy activity, that's when I get a flair up. I found in days that I do put my back under stress, the thing NOT to do is just sit or lay on the couch, You will pay in the morning. For me it's an all day long headache and sore back. What I found works is walking or simple stretching periodically. What's happening is those muscles are inflamed and are putting pressure on nerves too. Mild stretching and walking gets the blood moving and does it's healing. It may be massaging the muscles too. I'm no doctor, but I do know what works for me. I understand Newscentals issues are very different and probably require surgery. This is sad to here this. The body is incredibley adaptable. I'm a firm believer in exercise. This seems to wright the body from everything from backaches to kidney stones. Hope this info can help someone.

      Good luck to you Newscental, by the sounds of it You have a amazing amount of support from many on this board.

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      • Speaking of problems due to lifting, a full bag of quarters (as one example) weighs 56 pounds. I feel uncomfortable (but I can do it) lifting half bags that weigh 28 pounds. Now just imagine buying 1000 ounce silver bars, trying to store them, move them when you need to, etc. That is why we mere mortals want silver in more manageable quantities, that we can lift without damaging ourselves.

        My intuition started to gel even firmer today when I checked out the Minyanville video on the front page of Yahoo (I just checked and it is gone now.) I am more and more giving credence to the possibility that we could have a step function of inflation. I go to bed on Monday owning a car worth $35K and $200K in the bank and money funds. On Tuesday I wake up and my car is worth $70K and my bank account is worth $100K in terms of what I can buy with it. Scary, but not if most of the money is in PMs instead.

    • I don't know if you're still around to read this, maybe this weekend; whatever your condition is, whatever the doctors say,whatever
      pains and fears you have,YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE
      YOU CAN BEAT IT!!! It may take medicine, surgery
      or therapy,YOU CAN WIN!!! Many folks come back
      from no-win situations.Have faith in YOU.There is a reason you're here. Not to be concerned
      about health issues, but to be happy,needed by
      your family,helpful to others(like me).Tell
      yourself YOU WON'T LET IT WIN!!! NO SIR...

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      • LOL...this sounds like the way I trade.

        Honestly, a person's charator just permiate through whatever he/she does.

        I am also a non-believer of doctors. The funny thing is my X follows every thing the doctor says, and he is limping, moaning, and crying for all sorts of pain. I am the opposite. I don't go to see doctors, and I never seem to have any problems. He never even noticed that I had terrible back pain as well. I sprang my back when I was young. I read some home healing book about rotating your legs to help lower back pain. I deducted that the reason why it works because by circling your leg, you are actually moving the muscle on your back to help the disc to go back to the right place. Ever since then whenever I have my back pain I just do all kinds of stretching and twisting (simulating the motion of an electronic horse) of my hip to get my disc in place. Those were excruciating pain. But in my mind, if I feel the pain, then I must hit the right place. So I will have one day of weird excersing and terrible pain, but then the next day I will be all fine and walk about like a normal person. That's why people never even thought I have back problem.

        That much babbling said. One day, not too long ago, I did hear from the NPR, and there was an interview with a doctor. The doctor said, actually "scientifically" speaking, the studies showed that back pain including some of the slip disc problems do not need any treatment. There's no significant difference between surgery and no treatment. He said the best thing to do is to carry on your normal activities. But in this culture, I'm not sure too many will follow his opinion.

        Good luck.

    • add me to list with back problems. Legs go numb from time to time. Mine were sports injuries also. I have controlled it for 25 years using inversion table and more recently Pilates exercises.

    • Having been a massage therapist for nearly 20 years with a bunch of experience in working with people with low back problems, I know there are reasons other than spinal for low back issues.

      This isn't to say you don't have disc problems but I recommend treating the muscles first to see if it solves the problem. If not, it will likely relieve some of the symptoms anyway.

      I've always meant to make some Youtube videos for therapeutic stretching but never got around to it. If you're interested, I can describe some stretches to you verbally. Feel free to email me at and I'll be glad to tell you what I know.

      Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. I can't fix what ails you and your doctor's opinion supercedes mine. If you do any of the stretches/exercises I recommend and it hurts, DON'T DO IT! Think of it as selling for a small loss before it gets bigger.


    • My God!, I can't believe how many of us have back problems! There is something going on here, it is too much for a coincidence.
      I had always thought that my back problems were just an inconvenience to put up with, and had no idea how serious the results could be, going beyond the simple pain and numbness that I am used to by now.
      Thanks for the heads-up. I will be watching and forewarned for the other possible effects.

    • Hi Greg,

      Saw your problem with your veins in the legs which I had one year ago. My left leg was paralysed for 85% percent. The cause was a narrowing of the main artery in the lower part of the spine caused by slipped discs, reducing the blood supply to the leg. An electromiogram established the seriousness of the paralysis and a mri-scan the problems with the discs. Immediate (micro)surgery was done and solved the problem: only 3 days in hospital. I now can play tennis again. I sincerely hope you can find the right treatment and see your posts on the board again, because you cannot be missed!!


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      • Well siad WJV. Greg "CAN NOT BE MISSED".

      • Hey Newscentral, I hope things turn out well. From the sounds of what wjv wrote this may be the diagnosis to focus on.

        I have been experiencing something over the last year, nowhere as severe as yours, where there is numbness in my toes. I have also notice that when I lay on my back, knees bent, like your ready to do sit-ups, then turn either knee outward to the hand closest to it, I'll experience complete numbness down the entire side of the leg and it feels like there is no blood flow after I've performed the said action. My research on the internet led to informtion that pointed to the lower discs in my back, back arteries, sciatica nerve being impinged upon through discs. I'm fine running and walking. I've had back problems stemming from decades of sports.

        I hope it works out.

        On the ID, I made an error. A person had posted a subject thread with Chemaes44 and gaza in it, not that they used my ID. How people often impersonate is by manipulating letters between small and capital variations of the letter. ie you have "l" in newscentra"l", someone could create a name where "small i" is Capitalized to "I", so newscentra "i" is spelt with a capital i at end. Some people have a lot fo time on their hands, you can report them to yahoo and their IP address will be blocked, they won't be able to get to yahoo through their home port.

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