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  • stocksurfer101 stocksurfer101 Feb 22, 2009 1:18 PM Flag

    Gold and Silver because every bank in the world is broke

    With commerical real estate just starting down....with residential real estate sitting on the verge of plummetting to 2000 prices.....
    Well if that happens, The banks are broken, all of them
    The usa government.....Backs everything now. Well thats a lot a debt about to get tacked on to all the other debt
    Remember...we are backing money markets.....Under water
    Commerical paper.....? All those A.I.G. insurance policies
    Every home loan made by...Fannie Freddie citi BAC
    Im freaking terrified now.....IF YOUR A CHARTIEST
    Well these house are still at $400,000...2000 these houses were $200,000......Now New York implodes......Im rooting for a decent ending....But im afraid.... Freaking Obama got the worst job in history....One saving grace....we can slash the military budget once and for all.....,5years_chartDuration/

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    • It's true there is no end in sight at the moment. Hard to be optimistic when this crises was seen coming years ago by few. World currencies will crumble and if we don't go to a barter system or new currencies backed by gold or silver then I don't know what will be the end. Hyper inflation is almost guaranteed in next year or two but how long will it last??? Clinton urged Chinese to continue investing in treasuries because that's a good investment! LOL They're desperate! If China doesn't than the FED will have to print paper for the government and then the hell will break loose as hyper inflation will eat up people's savings. Another possibility is that if people see actual inflation at work they will spend their savings on essentials, food and such which would most likely create both run on the banks to pull cash which would be dropping in value as assets rise but also to buy things such as food which would possible create empty shelves and also add to the hyper inflation of essential goods.

      There is no good news in sight as of yet and hopefully they can stop this mess soon or Gerald Celente might prove to be right.

    • Ya cut the military... hmmm Can you invest when your dead?

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      • ..and by the way, ground force invasions went out of style around the time of Vietnam.

        If threatened by China or a resurgent Soviet Union, that's what nuclear deterrants are for.

        And ground troops are not for engaging nation state versus nation state chasing camel jockeys with sh!t bombs all over creation.

      • Cutting out the war isn't cutting the military. Their salaries are a sunk cost. Cutting the war effort stops trashing equipment, and bringing home reserves stops trashing full time employee salaries and reduces the budget to weekends and couple weeks in summer for weekend warriors.

        Problem: it throws a million folks back into the unemployed, since they only get 90 days in their old job before the law stops granting them immunity from being fired, and they're on the streets.

        Be careful what you wish for, these guys will be re-upping just to have a job.

        In the meantime, the expenditure for the military effort should be cut in half.

      • I said cut brother.....That means bid the contracts....
        Get the lobbiest outta there.....You know...%1500 toilet seats and all....Maybe think about what we need to police the world and protect america.
        Instead of spending a trillion and counting.....For some bogus Neocon ocupation of Iraq....Be smart.....For a change
        By the way ......
        On a precious metal note....Were real worried about Pakastan right now...Its teetering

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