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  • rongermie rongermie Mar 14, 2009 9:21 PM Flag

    You guys talking about stocking up on food make me SICK!


    I am starting to think that this board is full of complete idiots of doom and gloom. Crazy with sick beliefs in life.. probably think that neil armstrong on the moon wasn't real. probably think the world is flat. It's starting to make me think about taking my profits in silver and moving on!

    STOP with the BS.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • yes, that suicide clause got me too.

    • That's interesting to know. I think I've seen it somewhere before. Also if you commit suicide within two years of the bought date, it's deemed null & void and they only return your premiums.

      And most importantly, make sure it's not bought from AIG.

      so this is conspiracy? given the info available from the sad state of agriculture due to drought in CA, I think you'd have to be an idiot to not stock up on some things like grains and beans and start growing at least a small vegetable garden.

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      • It is pretty grim. WSJ had article a few days ago that farmers nationwide are cutting back in planting, and in animal raising.

        We will certainly have mandatory rationing in So. Cal. this year, either by hard limits, or by big surcharges when water bill usage exceeds last year's usage level. Probably rationing in No. Cal. too.

        We are seriously considering going beyond our traditional drip-feed tomato beds and planting a lot more vegetables, sort of like the old "victory gardens".

        The current supply/demand imbalances in many items that lead people to suppose we are having deflation will soon resolve in inflationary shortages in common items like clothing, food, energy. Why should shop keepers restore shelves when there are fewer buyers, and many want stuff at rock bottom prices, and are deserting them for the biggest discounters?

        It is a race to the bottom, Walmart a clear winner; wait til they get a lock on the customer's purse, then watch how long it takes them to ratchet up prices when the competition is gone.

    • The Government, CNBC, and the banks are all watching us on this board. If you are not one of us, you should just disconnect your computer and adopt a dog.

    • Where are you going to go? JPM board? You are needed here and you are special Ronny dear. We can make our own little Cramer vs Stewart here on SLW.

    • I don't believe it's the end of the world but I do believe if the DJ doesn't break the 7600 level and stay above it we may test some new lows. The S&P will have its problems with 800 and the NASQ with 1460.

      These are the mild stones to illustrate we were at the bottom. A lot of people believe if we do test the new lows and fall below lowest point recently recorded, then it is a sure sign that this current rally was nothing more than a bear market rally and the reversal bull market trend hasn't started yet as CNBC would like you to believe.

      And of course the breaking of those lows may illustrate a depression in the US economy is possible and that we haven't seen the worst of it yet. No one wants this to happen! We’re just preparing in case it does and investments in precious metals insures the preservation of ones capital.

      On the bright side: I work at a local retail super store and we are doing much better in sales in the last month. In fact we are hiring again!

    • Nah, I'm just cleaning my tools keeping them well oiled up, and in fine working order.

      BTW - I went by Walmart this week on Wednesday, and they probably had 30 to 40 boxes of 9mm Blazer Brass at $9.00 a box. Just got it in. I was planning on buying some next Tuesday when I get paid, just to stock up a little bit more.

      So I ran out of dog food this morning, and I stopped back in at Walmart to pick up a big bag of dog food. I strolled back by the ammo case to see how much 9mm they had left, and it was completely out. Not one box of 9mm to be bought. Dam I missed another chance to get a lot of boxes of ammo at a good price. I won't wait the next time.

      My friend at the gun shop told me this past week to stock up on 12GA and .22 LR ammo. If things get real bad you can use the 12Ga and .22 ammo to barter with food & gas, because most gun owners own a 12GA, and or a .22.

      The 2nd Amendment wasn't written into the US Constitution for fairy tail beliefs, or peaceful actions.

    • NO! You cannot leave this board, we won't let you. We force you to read these posts and subject you to these "crazy" rants and unbelievable thoughts in our heads. Who do we
      think we are to believe anything like what
      happened during the depression could happen again?? How dare we believe history could repeat
      itself. I'm glad you straightened us out JUST in
      the nick of time!! WHEW!!

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