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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Apr 29, 2009 3:41 PM Flag

    I expect to see strong spikes upward

    this week, again longs hold your shares. If you are trading you better be good with your eye on the ball, maybe 3 computers running and a fast hand. I do trade other stocks, like WFC, bio-tech, but I don't understand why trade here for dimes and quarters. There are so many other better daytrading stocks. SLW will be moving up this week hard and fast, just hold.

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    • News I just got back to Vancouver this morning. Woke up and read your latest post. Hang in there my friend! You did not make mistakes. You only made choices.

    • Your kids are those you serve. You have been of service here. You are respected.

      Youth fades, bodies fail, your legacy is your friends.

      You have MANY cyber friends.

    • You insulted the SLW board guru and he has no children...the least you could do is give him one of yours or if you can act as a surrogate and take his sperm and crank one out we'll call it even.

    • I expect volitility (sp?) up the ying yang, especially as we head for options expiration, the irrational stress test ignoring the insolvency of all banks, the lowball numbers attached to those requiring liquidity, the lack expected of get well plans, although the delay augers in that direction, it's too intelligent even for paperback Geightner....

      When the market tanks so will silver, and I'll show you why next post.

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      • Whoops - I posted earlier, and it looks like I have a differing opinion from YDM, who I respect, on POS (or maybe not - he may be referring to SLW share price instead of POS).

        Likely, we'll ALL find out pretty soon!


      • LOL...Shenjee is always part of some very interesting discussions.

        Shenjee keep your head up, each obstacle in your path prepares you for success with future hurdles.

        I've been absent from the boards myself partially because my analysis was signifying long term sideways trading, partially because I've been travelling a lot, and partially because I've become tired with many posters.

        On Friday I detected there may be change in the air as it relates to sideways trading for the PM sector. This sell in may go away theory has been wrong in the past and contrarians should watch it carefully.
        good trading

    • I appreciate the news and all you have to say. get well soon

    • Yeah, we should let this subject go.

      I will not say anything anymore after this.

      1. I don't remember you ever said anything to me. But if I missed your post, then I am sorry. 2. I thought the last time I saw your post you were going to take a vacation in some cabin or woods. Then you came back to talk to us again, and again, that made me wonder what's really going on. 3. Sorry about your pain and hospitalization, I'm sure everyone has contributed their home remedies to you.

      4. About you being a looser. Aren't we all? You devoted your life to finance, and I devoted my life to my family. Guess where I ended to be? If I tell you about the story of my daughter, you'll be glad you never had a child.

      The truth is after the significant part of our lives passed, we all try to grasp something to make meaning. And the bigger truth is none of us are either winners or losers. We are just who we are. We have been here, and we lived.

    • Don't give up! And you are not a loser! We all make mistakes in life, have faith, and get better.

    • shenjee,

      Thank you for a very open, honest, and sincere message. I respect you highly for having shared your thoughts. It's posters like you that cause me to attempt to respect the opinions of others even when I may not always agree with them. SS

    • So, are you saying if you post a link for what ever reason, like I do routinely with my post, that I may be trying to decieve the board?

      You would be wrong if you feel that way. I post market information here, that may effect the price movement of SLW/PMs. Its information that can be used to decide if it is time to invest or take money off of the table.

      YDM post great information here daily, I enjoy his post everyday.

      It really doesn't matter what anyone post here. People can make up their own minds how to invest the way they see fit. I see where Shenjee gets here cautious view of some posters here.


    • This stock is influenced by basically 2 things outside of management.

      1) Price of silver. I expect this to go up, even if it does not, this company should is still profitable at these levels and lower levels.

      2) Demand for "other" metals. The business model of SLW hinges on the mining activity of copper etc, as the SLW portion is basically a by product of their efforts. With the economic slowdown that has hurt this company. Here is a link that puts a positive perspective on this scenario.

      Good luck to all, HAPPY EARNINGS!

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