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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Sep 11, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    cheames you thought SLW would drift

    I appreciate the defense tom and yep I'm just taking it easy.

    For my Boston friend:

    let me see if i can help. If you go back and look at every bought deal offering for SLW you'll see that SLW fails to participate in the run up with silver prices when they've announced the offering. What you'll see in each of SLW's offerings since it started trading, and yes I've been here almost since day one, is that the price drifts usually within plus/minus 5% of the bought deal closing price, up until the date of the closing.

    Now per the dollar and where gold sits right now, all of those bought deal offerings did not occur with gold sitting within 1% of $1000 for one entire week. Those offerings occurred during cyclic ebs and flows of the stock and silver price below the 18 year high, so perhaps this time is different.

    They say those that do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Yes, this time may be different but if the dollar doesn't break down below 76, the dollar will bounce back up and by September end, SLW US will be sitting pretty close to $11.10 mentioned in the bought deal, on a closing basis.

    The chances of breaking 76 seem low because the dollar index looks oversold right now but I keep seeing all other currencies rising and many comments that something is going. The euro, swiss franc, pound AND YEN all gapped up a few days ago and the other component like canadian dollar is close to a break out. Something is up. the yen usually moves with the dollar.

    I have a tanker load of SLW in my hold account and I sit and wait. If SLW proves me wrong by going up, I'm happy because I'm making money. I was just try to help the new folks here with their expectations. As stan can attest, I went into nat gas on Friday trying to make back some money I initially lost on it with my trading account.

    Good trading

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    • Chemaes,
      You're right that SLW usually holds the bespoke sale price until the deal closes. But...if an investor is out of the PMs right now they're running the risk of missing a big upside move. If you miss the move you might not find a good spot to jump back in.

      PM stock prices are volatile and sometimes they make parabolic moves.

    • I am here to attest for you, my brother!! Oh, wait. That's Sunday church. Or, for me this Sunday, The Church of the E Street Band.


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