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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Sep 11, 2009 1:50 AM Flag

    OT: The Last (Political) Word (Hah!)

    We all know Clinton Dodd and Frank were responsible for the removing financial qualifications from mortgage lending, and allowed securitization of that paper defrauding the rest of a pissed off world, which is why the dollar is in the toilet and specie is soaring again assaulting old highs. We also know the Republicans for 8 years did NOTHING but make money exploiting that lunacy, bitchslapping camel jockeys who had nothing to do with 9/11, killing 5000 soliders, wounding 250,000 more, wasting 1 TRILLION dollars, in a never ending worthless war with no objective but to either steal their oil, or free ladies from wearing burkas so they all can become neurosurgeons. A confluence of the stupid confounded by two terms of drunken exploitation with no end in sight.

    Now Oblamma has the temerity to think we can solve some economic problems by making sure the health uninsured get coverage, so that life isn't a lottery game with those getting sick between coverage losing out and bankrupting themselves to get care. The other side thinks for profit insurance is the way to go, loves it when CEO's of insurance co's get profits denying health benefit to the insured and their stock goes up. You should have seen the hospital arguing to get me rehab after my recent quintuple bypass--it was a nightmare, but, unless I inquired, I'd have never seen it.

    Been there done that.

    I am astounded by the faithful who go to church every Sunday so willing to deny universal health coverage to poor indigent or folks between jobs. It's as if they washed their conscience's clean so they can go back to exploiting their neighbors Monday through Saturday with a clean conscience, just by believing in the right gods. Al-kaida has a similar philosophy.

    I am astounded that we let the 18-45 crowd off the hook by not requiring everybody be part of the insurance pool, and not gamble on their health, and put our economy at continued risk, beyond even that screwed up by two administrations.

    And if you think folks are going to have to show a passport other than health insurance card when they show up for care, think again.

    We just gave, and continue to give, multi billions to bail out Wall St. Our own health as a nation is not the place to start economizing.

    Foreclosures are mounting monthly. Housing prices are stabilizing, but rolled over in my neighborhood about four weeks ago, half the gain the first second quarters has disappeared.
    The second crash is coming soon, as all those consumer dollars hit critical mass. The only thing holding 25% of American homeowners from posting jingle mail to the banks on the hook for your mortgage, is personal pride.

    When that goes the market is going to collapse ANYWAY, so I propose we pass healthcare and stop worrying about costs. If 25M uninsured voluntarily, with employers, kicks into the system at $4K a pop, the $100B we need for this program is assured.

    But even if not, so what? This is the only nation on earth that has healthcare as a lottery. THere's more here than just money. The very sould of the nation is at stake.

    So pick your enemies very carefully. I'd rather not spend our money and our kids lives bombing camel jockeys out of existence--I'd prefer we prepare for inevitable conflict in N Korea and China. That handwriting is on the wall.

    But in the meantime I'd rather we spent the money getting and staying healthy.

    I wonder, if we've the nerve to get this one right.

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    • YDM, the only way anything will ever change is Revolution. Unless a REAL Revolution happens here, like our Armies marching to Capitol Hill to throw bankers and politicians out, we will continued to be in economic slavery to the International Elitists, and their associated families and shareholders alike...just like the rest of the World.

      Imagine how pissed off the bankers were after Andrew Jackson closed the second Bank of the United States. They realized that integrating Corporations, and manipulation of Media were the way to get the power here. They hate our Constitution, and for which it stands. They couldn't kill Jackson and we had about 40 years of true freedom. Until 1913...Change the name, change the game.

      So much has happened. Where to begin? Where does it end?

      Revolution is the only way. Otherwise, same ol', same ol'


    • The conservatives used to be kept in their place by moderate Republicans, so many have abandoned leadership to the radical religious right, the ex John Birchers, the ex KKK, there are only a few surviving rational members. Those two extremist groups never went away and they've reappeared as birthers and Beck/Coulter/Limbough/O'Reilly/Dobbs types on Faux News.

      The Dems have the leadership, but they don't know what to do with it because the Progressive wing failed so badly making mortgages a right instead of a privelege borne of good credit during the Clinton administration. The only reason the Repukelicans keep their mouths shut about it is they did nothing to fix, rather capitalized upon, that stupid leftist program that eventually popped earning us the reputation of clowns and frauds in the world, securitizing that paper and selling to an unsuspecting foreign market.

      Certainly however, making an arbitrary goal of 60% for passage this bill however, is folly, setting yourself up to fail. Why bother? Why bother with kumbayah with lunatic fringe? There is too much ego in concensus management as a goal, George W Bush did very well without the consent of the governed for anything, it is time for Dems to do what they've been elected to do..

    • ime-mod Sep 11, 2009 4:12 PM Flag

      After reading your moral screed, I come to the conclusion you are:
      1: Fricken Wacko
      2: You are a closet Liberal
      3: You wouldn't think of asking a homeless person to Thanksgiving dinner.

    • The administration and the leaders in Congress are touting Medicare as the model to follow, even as they acknowledge that Medicare is broken. They say we can wring savings out of Medicare, but it underpays so drastically right now that those of us with private insurance pay an average of $1,788 per year that goes to providers to make up the shortfall they have from Medicare underpayments.

      Nice article on today's WSJ on this:

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      • There's no question Medicare is in trouble, but that's in part because we

        a. pay doc's $500K a year while the rest of the world gets by with $120-$200K,

        b. the baby boomers and all folks aren't dropping dead by 65, they're living to 85-95.

        c. the nickels and dimes we collect for Medicare is based on the lower life expectancy.

        The jury rigged Medicare and private supplementation is a symptom of the above challenges. And before you go defending all those high priced docs, there is a thriving business for Far East and Middle East surgeries at 25% the cost.

        Why is it a quintuple bypass in the US is $125K but in Mumbai, with just as high success rates, it is less than $40K.

        I'll tell you why, because the folks in the US are overpaid and self appointed gods.

        When it comes to tried and true procedures, like the fifty year old bypass I just talked to, we can't compete.

        Overpriced, undertaxed for our longevity, it's no wonder the US system is in trouble, as the writer says, IT HASN'T BEEN LOOKED INTO FOR 40 YEARS.

    • Thanks for your midnight postings.

      The current administration however, needs to get off the kumbayah kick, and go it alone. Progressives put the current regime in power, and Obama wastes political advantage and time kowtowing to "conciliation management".

      The Republicans didn't conciliate when they had the helm, and if Obama is to be reelected, he needs to ram this healthcare bill through the Congress with the power he was invested, or risk the loss of that power, Carter style.

      Nothing appeals to people more than power, witness the rise of Reagan, and for my part, with the religious right supplanting nutcases for moderate Republicans, now's not the time for "let's all get along."

      Now's the time for get out of the way.

      The soul of a nation remains at stake.

      • 1 Reply to yourdeadmeat69
      • The three of you sure are naive if you think this government is capable of writting a health care bill to benefit the people of America as a whole.The corruption runs deep in both partys.
        This is about Money,control ,power.
        Thinking this is about taking care of the little guy is just NAIVE.
        My writting may not be pretty and my spellin isn't very good But my understanding of this corrupt governmant(both partys)Ain't to bad.
        And this has NOTHING to do with wanting to provide QUALITY health care to the masses.I truly wish it was...

    • Obviously in full agreementMore of the same more or less:

      I just wrote the following email to a friend in NYC:

      Tavern on the Green, Cafe des Artiste, going out of business. My old neighborhood is turning to shit. My waterholes are going dry!

      Glad I am not there to see it..Sad sad they'll close Lincoln Center, the museums, the theater...damn tears are coming to my eyes and I don't even live there. Now I know how the Romans probably felt. Give me my fiddle, Nero!.

      The list of casualties goes on and on. American just ain't going to be the "land-of-the free-and-of-the-home-of-the-brave" it was when I lived there...more like the "land of the poor and aimless..not the rich and famous.." (except there will always be the really rich..they are different)

      I say it again and again, but the country is in need of a massive Karma Kleaning..and they don't even know it..It's like a fish rotting at the head and working its way to the tail.... soon the stink will surpass a 10 day old durian.

      Starting in NYC and working to the center where it will be met by the great state of California, mortgaged home of angels and Arnold. And, this time they won't be piling in a silver spike in the rail bed; more like a wooden cross across Route 66.

      Am I an American basher? I sure hope not..don't want to be..don't want the rep..I'm simply a guy forecasting the news.

      I didn't create the problem..I was not a party to the f**k-ups, (or supported the party at the helm responsible for the fuck-ups). I didn't profit from them..for sure..and nor did the majority of citizens..Most were forced to be along for the ride.

      This mess was created by the shortsightedness of complacent power hungry, greedy, self-interest oriented, government and its entourage....allowing Wall Street to package and peddle unworthy mortgages and manipulated derivatives to insurance same thru leveraged trading positions.

      The group primarily responsible are: political power abusers, the bankers, brokers, greedy health cares providers, irresponsible short sighted industry leaders, environmentally careless profiteers ..these are the culprits..these are the villains..the money changers..thieves in button down shirts, ..the villains in sheep clothing. Their laws, their wars, their borrowing, their banks, their health programs, their greed and their financial gluttony created this the economic downfall of America.

      G-d help us..It will take years, if ever, to clean up this mess.

      By the way, the rest of the world is cheering..You don't see that on TV.. do you? All of 'em..from the Asia to the middle east to Africa to Russia to Europe to Canada to South America to Australia to Iceland.

      And some wonder..why do stocks go up with all this going on?

      LIQUIDITY..Throw enough money at anything and it will flourish..for a while...until it doesn't! WAIT!..The next leg down is going to be a doozy, or maybe the coming bout with inflation will mask, to some, the inevitable 'real' decline in most everything across the board. In simple terms, some may have more dollars..but it ain't going to buy much!

      The country in 10 years will be on (over) the edge of bankruptcy..You ain't seen nothing yet..Enjoy the cruise on the Titanic..Send me a postcard.

      • 1 Reply to wmjaronson
      • I posted this same kind of 'Christian thinking' (or is that the wrong way to put it as the Religious Right don't think that way?); right here about a week ago and got all kinds of shit for it. Apparently you two (YDM and WM) can sound like (shh, don't tell anybody I used the ‘L' word) American Liberals and get away with it. Just don't post your thoughts on the HL board.

        To me, basic health care is as much a right as basic education, and if we get the same results as we do for education in some areas, well, we just may have to redefine 'basic'. But I pledged to stay away from politics on these boards so I may have broken that promise, but I have an excuse as you guys posted first.

        I simply cannot get this straight. We can spend more than a trillion dollars on two less than useless wars that the natives have no thanks to us for and yet we can’t fund even basic health care for something like 35% of the legal population? (Please don’t get me started on the illegals).

        Funny thing is, I have really good health care insurance, so I’m all right jack. So why am I bashing my head against this anti basic health care for all, wall? Because I’ve spent time volunteering to help raise needed funds for a free health clinic in the LA area and what you see just breaks your heart if you have one.

        Good on you guys for posting.

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