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  • jawz_2020 jawz_2020 Sep 22, 2009 1:24 PM Flag

    Bulli$h Ca$e for $ilver & SLW pt 1

    part 3

    So, to re-cap, both Bulls AND Bears are calling for Gold to go higher; and because of the price drivers for PMs in general and even more price drivers for for SILVER in particular (the ratio imbalance causing silver to outperform gold 3 to 1; PLU$ industrial demand in face of future silver shortage), SILVER IS THE PLACE TO BE.

    The only thing that will gain percentage-wise greater than silver itself will be the stocks of silver producers, and the nitrox-charged gains to be made by the calls on these stocks, the best of which imho is SILVER WHEAtON (NYSE: SLW)

    Thrs 17 Sept 09 MP3 AUDIO Interview with Silver Wheaton CEO Peter Barnes (NOTE: "MORE DEALS TO COME!") @ King World News:
    http://tinyurl .com/magn7y <<< Please LISTEN to this!!


    THE OTHER WHITE METAL "A golden age for silver coming?"
    {"Given that the world economy has shown signs of recovery, the downside for silver is diminishing; we are seeing the floor for the metal creeping up. And, while the posibility of a short-term pull pack is possible, de Wet says "The likelihood of silver falling back toward the $13 level is becoming less and less." He adds that this is borne out by the recent moves seen in the copper price."}
    http://tinyurl .com/l2rb4u

    SILVER NEWS @ Mine web:
    http://www.mineweb .com/mineweb/view/mineweb/en/page32

    15 pages of 100 charts on every important INDEX GOLD, SILVER, Funds, etc - MUST SEE! Rok-n-Dan's Awe$ome self-updating MARKET SECTOR CHART$ -
    http://tinyurl .com/cm2bx7


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    • "bullion banks’ “silver net short position now stands at 213.6 million ounces…about a third of world silver mining production…all held by ‘four or less’ bullion banks"

      to match its all-time high in inflation-adjusted fiat US Dollars, one ounce of silver would have to go to $1,012 < < <

      Price of Silver Climbing to All Time High of US $1,012



      while I don't know when that will happen, I do have an idea how high the price of silver will go. The historical high for silver was set 531 years ago in 1477, topping at (using the purchasing power of 1998 dollars) a princely $806 an ounce. By comparison, the price of silver less than $19 an ounce today, and was only about $5 an ounce in 1998, after having bottomed at under $4 an ounce in 1992.

      Now, fast-forward to today as our 2008 dollars, which have fallen 50% in purchasing power since 1998, means that the all-time high price of silver, set in 1477, now stands at $1,012 an ounce, measured in the buying power of 2008 dollars! Over a thousand dollars an ounce! For silver! Whee!

      In case you ain't noticed, we're unmistakably coming off the lows of a 530-year bear market in silver and, theoretically, entering a long bull market, which ought to be exciting to people who have a lot riding on silver gaining so much in price (me), or even just keep up with this kind of thing, like, for instance, Israel Friedman, writing at, who notes that there are 5 billion ounces of gold sitting around someplace in the world, but that there are only 2.5 billion ounces of silver, even though 5 times as much silver is mined every year than gold.

      Therefore, silver is being consumed at prodigious rates, which is why Mr. Friedman says, "Silver is needed to maintain and improve future standards of living. Gold is needed for luxury and emotional reasons. Silver is for the optimist, gold for the pessimist."

      In that optimistic vein, Mr. Friedman says, "I honestly believe that silver must eventually sell for five to ten times what the price of gold may be."

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      • 2nd SLW dip this week follows the DOW

        hope its not a retracement in earnest; when DIVERGENCE? huh??

        The DOW went <DOWN> for the first time in weeks, dragging everything down with it. SLW today, Thr 24 Sept, is following the DOW lower.

        The SLW big gap down open Mon 21 Sept was also in tandem with the DOW gap down open Mon 21 Sept, so the DOW direction continues to control SLW, PM & PM producers. %5EDJI;range=5d (see 21-24 Sept)

        * * * Eventually, though, if there is a flight to PM for safety as the markets tank, (as predicted by all the articles in the previous post here @ SS), then PM & PM producers would need to UNCOUPLE & DIVERGE from the broader markets. So, the beginning ot the DIVERGENCE will be the KEY to noting the begining of a PM MANIA imho. * * *


        my GTC Buy on the SLW DEC $16 Call +SLWLE for 0.40 hit this am

        however, a lower strike call might be a better play, like the
        $14 Dec Call +SLWLT for 0.80
        $15 DEC CALL +SLWLC for 0.50

        chain shot below of Dec Calls when SLW was @ $12.19 this am:

        Symbol Bid Ask Last Change Change % High Low Volume
        SLW 12.19 12.20 12.19 -0.39 -3.10 12.84 12.02 3,620,082

        Dec 19 2009 Calls | 86 Days to Expiration

        Strike Symbol Bid Ask Last High Low Change Vol Op Int
        $ 2.50 +SLWLZ 9.50 9.90 7.62 ---- ---- 0.00 0 65
        $ 5.00 +SLWLA 7.00 7.40 7.60 ---- ---- 0.00 0 344
        $ 6.00 +SLWLS 6.10 6.30 6.30 ---- ---- 0.00 0 35
        $ 7.50 +SLWLU 4.70 4.90 5.50 ---- ---- 0.20 0 3,110
        $ 9.00 +SLWLQ 3.40 3.60 3.60 ---- ---- -0.10 0 82
        $10.00 +SLWLB 2.70 2.80 2.75 3.10 2.70 -0.35 45 7,596
        $11.00 +SLWLR 2.05 2.15 2.15 2.15 2.09 -0.25 60 866
        $12.50 +SLWLV 1.30 1.35 1.35 1.60 1.29 -0.25 241 10,195
        $14.00 +SLWLT 0.75 0.85 0.80 0.80 0.75 -0.20 30 1,818
        $15.00 +SLWLC 0.50 0.60 0.50 0.70 0.50 -0.15 1,022 7,001
        $16.00 +SLWLE 0.35 0.40 0.40 0.50 0.40 -0.05 58 5,796
        $17.50 +SLWLW 0.20 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 -0.05 10 1,583
        $20.00 +SLWLD 0.05 0.15 0.20 ---- ---- 0.00 0 2,386

        The good news is that if SLW can get & STAY above resistance @ 12.88 then it has potential to BREAKOUT all the way to $15.74 <<<

        STOCK CONSULTANT http://tinyurl. com/lsw763

        CURRENT PRICE 12.58,
        at resistance, 12.88 ± 0.53, type single, strength 8
        RESISTANCE ABOVE None. <<<<<<<<<<<
        -6% at 11.83 ± 0.49, type single, strength 8
        -17.6% at 10.36 ± 0.42, type triple, strength 10

        3 DAY CHART ALERT 10, Strong bullish 3 day chart pattern.
        8, Strong 3 day accumulation, occurs 20% of the time.

        MONEYFLOW -8, Strong bearish 1 day moneyflow,
        occurs 20% of the time.

        WATCH for possible breakout above 13.41, no resistance in area just above. Type: Continuation breakout from single resistance.

        Target: 15.74, +25.1% <<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<
        Stop: 11.88, Loss: 5.6%,
        Profit/Loss ratio: 4.5 : 1 - Excellent

        - - - - - - - - - -


        With a breakout to 15.77, the $16 DEC call +SLWLE will pay off BIG!

        86 Days till Dec Expiration, plenty of time for SLW to get to $16.

        silver has moved $4 from $13 to $17 in the past 2 months.

        And if the predictions of Silver to $20 hold up,

        moving another $3 to $20 over the next 3 months is not remarkable;

        and if SLW continues to lag silver by $4 as it has,

        then SLW will get to $16 easily imho by Dec expiration in 86 days. - imho.


      • "The Big Silver Slingshot"

        by: Bix Weir | 6 October, 2009

        http://tinyurl .com/yf3qkw7

      • Webbots Predict Silver to $600

        Cliff High and the Webbots are saying early in 2010 silver will go as high as $600 because of the commodity exchange (comex) going bust. He also says the gold-silver ratio will return to 10-1.

        (copy & paste, remove space b4 "dot" com) .com/watch?v=s6NDjnkVsTc

        there's 10 parts to this interview and he talks about silver in part 2 and 3.


        {"if you bought the S&P 500 on December 31, 1999
        you're down 50%, in terms of U.S. dollars."
        And next to gold, the comparison is even worse,
        "you're down 79% in the last 10 years."}

        http://tinyurl .com/o85afh

      • "I honestly believe that silver must eventually sell for five to ten times what the price of gold may be."

        Wow, I'm a BIG silver bug, but I just don't see this happening, no way. This is like putting an eternity in a time frame.
        Silver is much more common underground, at those price levels, we will simply intensify mining..But 10:1 ratio is very possible.

    • Jawz - Thanks for providing so many relevant links. Here's 2 good articles to add to your prodigious list. They are both by Jeff Nielson, presented at Seeking Alpha:

      #1 "Want to Own Silver? Forget About SLV", 9/17/09 at:


      #2 "Silver Wheaton: The Safe Alternative to SLV", 9/21-09 at:


      To use these links paste them into the address line of your browser and then replace the "+" with our familiar dot just ahead of "com".

      If you have a problem with this then you can go to and try to locate the articles there. The second piece is a good promo for SLW.

      . . . GEJ

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