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  • tom8yours tom8yours Sep 25, 2009 10:08 PM Flag


    what's up with all the posts lately? TMI dude. chill.
    Repeat after me, "The grass is green the sun is warm."

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    • Thanks for the heads up ydm. Can one find fresh maple syrup in N.Y. as well? I wish I had bought more than 1qt. when I hiked in Vt./N.H. two years ago. Dark amber = Nectar of the Gods

    • Great antiquing in the Catskills

    • Club,

      thanks for the info. I'll be headed north from Philly so perhaps Catskills. I was headed to Finger Lakes region last year when I got a call from home saying daughter injured - she's ok but cut my trip short. Just in time it turns out. I drove in near whiteout conditions through the Poconos. Got out just in time, 14 inches fell that day.

      I may see you in N.C. I'm headed there 3rd weekend in Oct. (western mountains)

    • Tom,

      Which part of upstate...right (up) or left (over)?
      Not knowing your point of origin or the time you have allotted:

      If up, I'd recommend taking 87 up to 'Blue Ridge Rd' East, over to 28, then drop south back to 28, back to 87 south.

      If over, perhaps south up thru Letchworth State Park (gorgeous falls and greenery) and over towards Rt 89 Ithaca to Seneca falls and that sort of route...beautiful grape country and colorful hillsides.

      I'll be doing same in NC and TN in 2 weeks.

      Just got back from canyons (UT/AZ) and Yosemite with my new camera.
      : )
      The amount of smoke out there is UFB!

      Have fun,

    • lol, I was going to comment that he's beginning to sound like that airbag Bill Hess. Just kidding ydm, I'm glad you stepped away from your computer for a while. Does the spirit good. Speaking of, I'm about to take my new camera on an autumn hiking trip. Thinking about Philly to see my sister then upstate N.Y. Got any places you can recommend? TIA

    • Red wine would be better for the heart, although beer does have all those B vitamins.

      I buy dry reds now, and if I want a sweet wine, there is always nutrasweet, depending on the cheapness of the vintage, it Mogen David's out quit refreshingly.

      All that cholesterol solvent. It's the reason Europeans can eat all that fatty food and patte, and still not flop over at 50 of a heart attack.

    • Brooklyn born, world traveler, overseas half my existence, provides distance and persective on American life. Raised on 30's/40's black and white movies, and its post censorship innocense, revering a naive America, recovering in the fifties, deteriorating ever since-(Vietnam), Nixon the demagogue, Ford the nonentity, Carter the ball-less wonder, Reagan replacement of tax and spend with borrow and spend, Bush I the bewildered, Clinton the self destructive immolated, Bush II, stupid looking for everyone else to do his job, and now Obama, Mr. Kumbayah who hasn't discovered he's won yet.

      So right of center with counterculture experience I make Limbaugh look like Stalin, but we're bombing camel jockeys instead of riding herd on N Korea, Iran, and developing the commodity policy of --don't need your shit --.

      Thailand is becoming more and more attractive. Now if I could just find a good woman 45 or so looking 20 years younger that looks like gangbusters and can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, I'd kick back in my dotage.


    • Treasury sells bonds not the Fed.
      Banks buy bonds, get the coupon (interest).
      Banks bring bonds to the Fed discount window and borrow (probably get 98%+ collateral) at .25% or 0 %.
      Banks make difference or about 3% on bonds.
      Banks leverage positions highly...makes the weekly auctions work and provides fund to the US govt thru the helpful Fed.
      Balance sheet of Fed bloats.
      Fed claims can reverse this operation..But, in reality can't and they know it.
      That's how I see it.That's how it is.

      Banks aren't liars. They ARE making the F**king US Treasury! No risk leveraged short loans..Work out the returns. Huge due to the leverage. That is..3% X 20. (at 95% loan to value)
      Why should the banks make consumer risky loans? Less return more risk..I believe herein lies part of the problem, i.e., the necessary financing of the US government thru the banking system.
      This is why they are too f**king big to fail.. they'll bring the whole place down with 'em..

    • I'm betting born in Brooklyn. Left early..and maybe he'll tell us the rest..

      YDM: You ever get to Sammy's on the lower east side.

      Sammy's grease could killed you, but delicious..huh!

      No more of that stuff for sure. Need to show ID..Sign on the entrance..Must be under 40 or else with your father. No one over 65 gets out of there alive. :)

    • Food in Thailand is cheap and plentiful. Food stands abound after 4:30pm each day. The streets are jammed with Thai vendors displaying (sometimes 10 different) dishes in large aluminum pots. A buck or less buy a large portion suitable for a small dinner party. I buy 3 or 4 differnet dishes and steamed rice. Dinner for 4 for $4.(not including wine which is $15+ a bottle)

      Lots of curries, pork, chicken barbequed, fish, barbequed chicken livers and many more exotic delights. Stopped the other day and bot spicy curry jungle soup with freshwater eel and all the spicy trimmings. Cost little. taste great..almost no fat.

      Problem! MSG. The vendors want to make everything delicious to bring you back. They load up with MSG, table spoons of the shit.

      Blood pressure rises..dry mouth..headaches, etc. Typical Thai scam. Again, the land of smiles is trying to kill us with pleasure...Burmese are worse.Fresh foods loaded with the stuff.

      Fortunately for me, wife won't touch it. She cooks at home after a trip to the market. She choses with a patience, slowly, deliberately making her selections.Much more effort and cost more, but quite a difference. MSG is cheating..Taste great without it if you are a good cook..

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