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  • aaastefano aaastefano Nov 3, 2009 6:47 PM Flag

    USD + 10Y Treasuries will tank . Here's my take

    I think that the USD and the 10Y Treasuries will tank as we'd rarely seen in history and this is finally due as the real bubble is not in equities, gold, silver and crude oil but in Treasuries as they were kept artificially high by the FED (yields were kept down).

    Now that the $300B repurchase program ended, you will likely have the yields that will creep up and the USD that will compensate this by selling-off and we'd seen already some adjustement today with Canadian dollar and Australian dollar reversing their short-term bearish trend.

    If the Dollar Index breach (as I think) the 75.00 level...expect everything this week but I fully agree with Buffet when he says that he prefer to have assets rather than paper and USD..

    This is the thesis I have been waiting for the last 24 months and I personally think that we just started the move and this is why I bought $20 calls in SLW and bought some other out-of-the-money stuff with 5 to 9 months expiry.

    The FED has no choice but print even more than it has been done in the past (together with Bank of England and some other smaller states) or risk something even bigger and in this case you much better off with everything else than paper...

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